No work today. Our internet connection has been iffy and I keep using it to check my e-mail and post to WW, not here. So I am taking advantage of this time to post here.

Today I made Bulkogi. Saturday when M., Gwen and I were at lunch I said I wanted to make it so M. bought flank steak and today I made it. Didn’t have all the ingredients, so made due and it was fine. Stitch and Tigger liked it. Then they had their bookstudy but Tigger had a bad headache and stayed home. Tigger and I watched NCIS but it was a repeat. After the bookstudy the whole family and I watched Music and Lyrics. We also watched Crossing Jordan today, they were showing some episodes we missed.

I just heard some strange noises. No idea where they came from.

Well, bye for now, hopefully I will be back tomorrow.