I am very tired and should get to bed. I got about 3 hours last night. I was down 1.4 pounds today, at least, I don’t know exactly because when I look at the scale last week, my eyes stopped at 134.

I am still reading The Woman in White and listening to Salem Falls. I might put WIW aside to read Bliss. It is due back to the library on 1/2/2008. Today I got After You’d Gone. I read some of it. It looks interesting.

M., Gwen and I went to Danbury because M. needed a coat. She finally found one at Sears. It is Lands End. Gwen and I found clothes at Cold Water Creek. A skirt for each of us and I found a purple sweater, and a pair of red slippers. I can know throw away my ‘Toadily Cool’ ones.