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Evil or just incompetent?

So they sent the wrong phone, and I couldn’t get any help on the phone. So I decided to just send the phone back with a letter stating the problem. While I was debating this in my head I told the boy what happened. He repeated: “Before you go to work for an insurance company you have to sell your soul, only soulless people can work there.”

Since I wanted to give the insurance company time to call me as promised (which they haven’t yet) I waited 48 hours. Then it was Sunday, then it was a holiday. Then I had to go to work so today was the first day I was able to go to the post office. While I was waiting I googled “Asurion Customer Complaints” and read the complaints about Asurion on the Consumer complaints website. It was frightening, since most of the complaints sounded like mine. However the BBB of Tennessee gives them an A+ rating even though they have over 500 complaints against them. Makes me wonder what kind of standards businesses in Tennessee have. All this has me leaning toward evil.

The following is the letter I enclosed with the phone. I will be paying close attention to what happens obviously and keeping you informed. Also obviously.

Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.
648 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 300
Nashville, TN, 37211, USA
RE: Claim ID number: 77707887
Carrier: Verizon Wireless
Phone: (917) 232-1621
Wrong phone shipped in response to claim and no satisfaction from phone call

Dear Adjustor’s Office:

On May 26, 2011 I called your customer service department regarding my Apple iPH432BLK phone that I received that day. The purpose of my call was to inform your company that I received an Apple iPH416BLK instead. After dialing back three times, due to the call being cut off, I was informed that an Insurance Adjustor would be calling me to resolve the issue within 24-48 hours, most likely within 24. I am still waiting for the call.

On May 23, 2011 my phone got broken, I filed a claim online that day and received a message that no 32G were available and it would be backordered.

On May 25, 2011 I received an e-mail stating: Your Apple iPH432BLK from Asurion is now available! On May 26, 2011 I received another e-mail stating the phone had been shipped. The phone arrived that day and when I got home I plugged it into my computer to activate it. When I couldn’t get the phone to activate, I called Verizon customer service, it was then that I noticed the phone was 16G not 32, the Verizon technician verified it. After we got the phone activated he switched me to Asurion so I could report the problem and get it resolved. As mentioned in the first paragraph that has not happened and it is now 5 days later.

Enclosed with this letter is the phone I received and everything that was in the box with it, accessories, papers and return envelope for old phone. I expect to receive either a full refund of the payment I made for a replacement phone or the correct phone. I expect to receive one or the other promptly. I can be reached at either of the phone numbers above or at: suzirow@gmail.com

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Since there is a website filled with complaints about Asurion, I don’t feel bad posting this here.

Dear Keith and Tammy,

Yes a card from me! And on time but then you [did] tell my Dad I needed a G.P.S.

Did my mom tell you I am coming out end of May? Gwen is going to come with me. I am already getting excited. Probably because Gwen is excited. She has already bought gifts for Gigi and is planning to get my parents a nice card and have the whole family sign it.

Enjoy your souvenir of NY.


(new page)

Tigger is bugging me to death, first he wants to use my computer. Then he wants me to download songs for him. Then he is telling me how I can e-mail the card and letter. He [had] no suggestions for e-mailing the notebook. He just said it was really cool and he would like one.

I have told him several times to leave me alone.

Goodbye again.


no pics

My replacement phone came, and it works, but I still can’t send pictures to it. So I will have to take pictures to use as wallpaper. Sigh. I sent that e-mail to my blog just to see how it works. I have to add the address to my personal e-mail service. Well, now I have to write my card to Tammy so I can mail it tomorrow. I think their anniversary is the 5th so I want it to get there in time. I got her a very pretty card and a small notebook with New York on the cover as kind of a New York souvenir. I am going to go scan the card and post it here. BRB

That is a ribbon down the side of the card. Kind of cool huh? I think she will like it.