It is very hard to find names for these posts when nothing really happens, I am just upset and want to vent. This is the only place I feel comfortable doing that. If you vent on the WW boards someone will respond trying to cheer you up and I don’t want that. Anyway, I went to get a CD player for my car and couldn’t. So I was going to buy myself a new pretty MP3 player, just because, but I didn’t then when I mentioned it to M she ridiculed me for wanting to spend money for something I already had. I wanted it because I was upset and it is nicer than the one I have. Then I came down and put my head on my bed and cried. I am so STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

I should know. I have lived with myself for years. So I went to Amazon and bought some songs for my old ugly MP3 player. Now that I have vented. I am going to go print my scriptures for tomorrow.