>I had to print something so I plugged in my printer and just pressed print, no problems. So I figured my scanner would also be no problem. I needed to scan my postcard for PFF, which is now being posted by Beth. There is a link below. So after plugging in my scanner, it looked like the driver was loading, then I got a message that I needed to put the disc in. So I put the CD in and it looked like I was good to go. I couldn’t see the program on my computer so I just pushed the scan button on the scanner. Nothing, nothing. Kind of like A-Rod with the reporters. So I went into the disc to run set-up, it told me it didn’t install correctly, I needed to re-install, so I did. It still said it was not installed correctly and that help was not compatible with Vista. What the F***?

Started closing everything down and I saw a box telling me, go to programs, click this and that to use the scanner, I am abbreviating what it said because I’m sure you are tired of this by now, since you already know it works, you can see the postcard I scanned below. So after all those messages telling my scanner wasn’t installed correctly, it works. Go figure.