>Earlier today I was watching the cat eat. I know you are just wondering how I manage to handle such excitement. But I learned something, I now know why the cat food is all over the floor. He takes a piece of cat food out of the bowl, then he jerks his head back, I’m guessing to throw the piece of food farther into his mouth, then he eats it. My thought is sometime while he is doing this elaborate ritual to eat his food, he must drop some pieces on the floor. Of course once it falls on the floor, he can’t eat it.

This annoys me, we are talking about an animal that drinks out of the toilet! Or he would if I didn’t keep the lid down, which I do because I was tired of cleaning dirty paw prints off the seat. He licks his butt, along with the rest of his body, he sleeps on his litterbox, and he won’t eat food off the floor? Isn’t that just like a man?

He was sleeping on the side of the shoe box, not on the big flat top, on the side.