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>A child born on the fifth day, Friday
said to be loving and giving
not causing undue pain,
for she knows very well
the pain
of intimate betrayal.

Found this here on Element 22

What day of the week were you born on?
The old nursery rhyme is kinda fun, unless you
were born on Wednesday…

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>the crisis is not yet over. Last night we discovered our pipes were frozen or blocked with snow and ice or something. Long and short of it, can’t use my bathroom or the dishwasher. ‘That is going to make getting ready for work at 5:15 a.m. interesting.’ I thought, the bathroom part, not the dishwasher.

Last night I packed a bag with the stuff I need to get ready and this morning got up, got dressed and came upstairs to the other bathroom. Then I realized I had forgotten my contacts, so back downstairs I went. Since it is the first of the month I needed new contacts, I had to scrounge around to find them, then I came upstairs and, either one case was empty or I lost one contact. Back downstairs I went to get another one. By the time I had finished all this and gone back downstairs it was late.

So we took off for the train station, knew I wouldn’t make my regular train but would make the one after, coming up the road, to the stop sign, across the intersection, blocking the road, was a police car. We turned around and went another way, down Main Street which was freakily empty of cars and made it to the train station on time for the second train. Didn’t even have to run.

I have not heard anything from home about pipes or if I got any ‘packages’. I am hoping, no news is good news, I am also afraid to ask.