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>I had to print something so I plugged in my printer and just pressed print, no problems. So I figured my scanner would also be no problem. I needed to scan my postcard for PFF, which is now being posted by Beth. There is a link below. So after plugging in my scanner, it looked like the driver was loading, then I got a message that I needed to put the disc in. So I put the CD in and it looked like I was good to go. I couldn’t see the program on my computer so I just pushed the scan button on the scanner. Nothing, nothing. Kind of like A-Rod with the reporters. So I went into the disc to run set-up, it told me it didn’t install correctly, I needed to re-install, so I did. It still said it was not installed correctly and that help was not compatible with Vista. What the F***?

Started closing everything down and I saw a box telling me, go to programs, click this and that to use the scanner, I am abbreviating what it said because I’m sure you are tired of this by now, since you already know it works, you can see the postcard I scanned below. So after all those messages telling my scanner wasn’t installed correctly, it works. Go figure.


>Back to PFF and I missed Marie, so I am hoping to keep this more regular from now on.

There is a little story to this one, kind of personal if no one minds. My father is an alcoholic, has been since before I was born, he stopped drinking a few years back. I went to visit about a year after he quit drinking. My first time ever seeing him, not under the influence. So we went to the grocery store to get dinner because my mother was ‘not feeling well so lets pick something up so she doesn’t have to cook.’ HUH? OK Dad. My dad was looking at this postcard and said, ‘This guy has his priorities wrong.’ And all I could think was, well Dad, you should know about messed up priorities. I mean he never did anything like this, but for most of his life, he had his priorities messed up. Of course I had to buy it, because it reminds me that 70 years old my Dad made a major change for the better.

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>my new e-mail

>and I am wondering if it will be a better way to send my posts in. I am always looking for NEW! BETTER! FASTER! ways to blog. Time will tell if this is it.

>and I am stuck inside and I am sooo freakin’ tired. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and there were all these people in funny green hats, I saw one woman in dark conservative clothes with bright green boots on. There were two guys on the train that were so drunk you could hear it in their voices and didn’t want to get within’ 2 feet of, as BRB says, ‘Quality’ people.