>This morning on my way to the train station at the red light I hate, because it is always red when I get there and people are always cutting the corner and I think they are going to hit me, the light turns green, as I look to the right before I make my left turn I see a car coming fast, too fast to stop. The car barrels through the light like it was green instead of red. If I had turned as soon as the light turned green, we might have met by accident, my accident-his on purpose.

What I don’t understand is why? Why run a red light when its not an emergency. The car turned down the road to the train station, but it was early enough that he didn’t have to go so fast to get there on time so why? He could have gotten hurt running through the light like that if he had hit my car. Especially since I would have punched him in the nose. By the way I don’t know it was a man, its just easier to say he then that person, the car etc.