>Everyone has heard about the big snow storm. 2 to 3 feet of snow, trees down leading to power out and so on and so forth. After the snow stopped and things got somewhat back to normal, I walked around and took some pictures of the damage. I have to warn you some of these images may be disturbing to some people (tree huggers).

This is the big tree across the street from our house,

and these are the branches that fell from it. They are still there, since this is a private development we have to rely on our landlord to clear stuff like this up. This is the same landlord that didn’t pave our driveway when he paved everybody else’s and whose guys, when they came to clear the snow out of our drive gouged a big hole that promptly filled up with water and was big enough to lose my car in.

Anyway, on to the next site.

This is across the main road, the road one turns off to get to our house. You can see the tree just broke in two and the top half came down into the fence, this is also where the power lines are, as you can see. This tree is also still there. When they come to remove this tree, which will have to be done, and I think the power company is the one who will do it, they will have to shut off power to these lines. Which means, no power for us. Hopefully it will be when it is a warmer and we will have advance warning.

You can see, besides being a hazard to the power lines, it is also blocking the sidewalk. I was going to post more pictures, but I think this is enough.