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>Day 3 with no power

>is no longer an appropriate title for this post. There was no power when we woke up, then we got a call from a friend who said he had power and heat and we could come over. So we did and the boys started toasting their feet in front of the fire. As I got ready to send an e-mail post I got a text message from home saying the power is back on. As soon as our friend gets back from shoveling we will be going home to our powered up house. Yay!

So power went out Thursday, February 25th and came back (for us) Sunday, February 28th at 10:42 a.m. approximately.

>Have you ever

>called yourself stupid? I don’t just mean you ran into something and said, “Stupid!” in an annoyed sort of way, I mean yelling at yourself, banging your head against your pillow (excuse me, haven’t you been paying attention? No power, no heat, the only place I can get warm is in my bed, well my car was warm when I was running it to charge my phone, but I only have so much gas) anyway, that was what I was doing last night, ending up with me crying, cause I always cry when someone calls me stupid, even if its me. And the cause of all this? I lost my wallet. Gwen and I went to the store, since we were walking and just going to the corner store I stuck my wallet in my coat pocket, wasted trip since no one had any power and so they weren’t open. When we got home I went to check out the guys clearing off the cars and the driveway, actually it’s our yard since the landlord hasn’t seen fit to give us a paved driveway like he has for the rest of the tenants. Shook off the dogwood, walked through the snow, shoved snow off the car into where Stitch was shoveling, earning a ‘look’ from him and an “I hate you Bella.” In other words I was having fun. Took some pictures and got stuck in the snow, then climbed over the hood of the car to get out. Then last night I was looking for my wallet, it wasn’t in my coat pocket and I couldn’t find it upstairs, of course I was looking by flashlight.

Once I remembered what was in my wallet, my monthly rail pass for March, then the self-name-calling began. I didn’t sleep as I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay for another monthly pass ($400). Got up this morning, did you know I can put my contacts in by flashlight? I’ve done it two times now. Can’t put make-up on by flashlight though, have to work on that.

So to finish the wallet story, by our back door we have this cabinet that D built, cabinet on legs with a granite top, very nice looking, then a cabinet above the bottom cabinet with space inbetween where our microwave sits. In front of the microwave were my gloves, which I had also been looking for, sitting on top of the gloves was my wallet. Crisis over. That crisis, we still don’t have power and there was an 8.5 magnitude earthquake in Chili. So I can be thankful for finding my wallet and thankful that the ground under NYC is not moving, it just feels like because of the subway.

Oh and I am posting this from the NYC Public Library, you know, the building with the lions in front of it. Where its warm and they have power!

>An update on the weather

>We got a lot of snow. A freaking ton of it. OK maybe not that much. Power was flickering on and off last night, it ended with it being off, forecast two days till it is back on. So no power, no heat (I actually want the cat to sleep on me right now) and what is really killing me? No internet! See you soon!

>Strawberry Fields Forever

>I was having commuting problems this morning, actually starting last night. When I was going home my card wouldn’t swipe. I kept getting this message to ‘swipe card again at this terminal’ when I went to the other terminal to try it I got the message, ‘card was just used’. ARG! so frustrating. Since I didn’t want to wait 15-20 minutes I used my other metro card, the one where I have to pay for each trip.

Then this morning coming into work I was happily plugged into my iPod and after we stopped at Cortlandt they made an announcement. I couldn’t hear what the announcement was but all of a sudden people who had just sat down jumped up. The woman beside me, who had just sat down and gotten out her book, closed it and put it back in her bag. I knew what that meant. Equipment change, we had to change trains at Croton. What a pain. All this time my right eye was bothering me and I had forgotten to put more money in my change purse for the day. So I stopped at the bank on the way into work, after I got to work I took my contact lens solution into the bathroom and took out my contact, rinsed it, looked at it, put it back in. Still hurting, so I took it out again, this time I saw a tiny tear in the contact. So I only had one contact in and was having a hell of a time doing my work.

None of this deterred me from going to Strawberry Fields after work. Em and Tigger were already up there. I stopped and got flowers, Em said they were too pretty to leave, I said, ‘they were cheap.’ She said that was fine, next year for the 30th anniversary I will get roses. There were a lot of people there I won’t hazard a guess how many, but they were all circled around the mosaic singing and playing music so I couldn’t get to the mosaic (I took this picture, just not today). Em said some people were leaving flowers at the plaque so we walked down there, past the pot smokers, someone had a lit a candle and I put my pretty purple flowers there. I forgot my camera so no pictures, besides it was dark by then and I still haven’t found out if the night feature works on my camera. Next trip I promise.

Turned out to be a pretty good day after all, except for the blisters on my toes because I was wearing my boots. I wasn’t expecting to walk all the way to Central Park but when I got to Time Square I couldn’t find the subway because there were too many people (don’t try to figure it out, just smile and wave).


>I totally forgot to blog yesterday. I will not meet my quota for this month at this rate. I also realize I never finished our trip to New York. Well Sunday was much the same as Saturday, except we were all three in the city in the morning, since we stayed overnight. Had breakfast at Lindy’s, overpriced, not worth it. Gwen went to class, we checked out, then checked our bags in to be held until we were ready to go home and wandered. I bought a hat because I forgot mine and the sun was making me ill.

As I was standing in line to pay for it I was looking around the store (we were down on Broadway, near the sea port) and turned to Gwen to mouth at her, ‘I think this is a druggie store.’ She just nodded back at me.

When we were at Annie Moore’s to have dinner I went in the Ladies Room to once again see if I could figure out why my eye felt like something was in it. As I was looking my contact started to, um, slip out of my eye. So I took it to put it back in, it was inside out, so I tried to turn it right side out and it tore. Right in two. Well, my eye felt better, but I couldn’t see so good. My contacts are prescribed to correct fully with my left eye (the one that tore) for distance, under correct with the right eye, for reading. So while things weren’t as bad as they would have been with no contacts, things were still blurry.

And the last thing from the city, we got sweets at Zaro’s. Gwen could only eat half of her cake, she was going to save it for later, then she decided not to and took the plastic container it was in over to the trash and tossed it. After she came back this man comes running up to the trash can, runs into it and almost knocks it over, then pulls the cake out. After he left, she turns to me with a grin and says, “Guess I just fed a homeless man.” LOL! I guess she did.


>Sorry to put a post so close to the other one, but that post was for yesterday and this post is for today. First off we had to go to Newburgh for the Special Assembly Day, so I had to pack my lunch and I was running around like I usually do. I put my lunch in my insulated bag and put the blue ice thing in it. I went in my bedroom to put my eye makeup on and as I was putting the mascara back into the bag, I noticed something blue all over my hands! My ice pack thingy had a hole in it. Fortunately I didn’t get it all over, just all over hands which were then dyed blue. That stuff does not wash off at least not right away.

Last night I joined the forum the boys are on all the time. Tigger kept insisting. Today after we got home, I checked my e-mail and Red-Lady had invited to join Facebook. Stitch is on, I didn’t tell him I know. So I joined Facebook. I just put a bunch of the pictures from Manhattan on it but I couldn’t get to all of them on my computer. My name there is Bella Foxx, or you could just scroll down to the button and click on it.

I started this post, then I fell asleep. I was going to go to bed, but after I washed my face, took out my contacts and sneaked upstairs to get a snack (I got grapes, not what I wanted, I wanted Star Trek cereal) I felt more awake and got my computer back out to finish this. Now I am dead tired and going to bed.

New Best Friend

Today was a regular work day, nothing special, I do have a few things to blog about however. When Gwen and I went to see Phantom, I wore a dress and the Crocs pictured at left (the blue ones). It is a bad habit of mine to wear new shoes when I have to do a lot of walking. I guess I thought that since they were Crocs and they weren’t heels like my Cyprus Crocs I would be alright. Well, I was wrong, by the time we got to Central Park my feet were starting to develop blisters.

My dermatologist is near Central Park and on Tuesday when I got the prescription I dropped it off at the Duane Reade. They had to order it, which I was ok with since I knew we were going to be in Manhattan on Wednesday. So we went in to get my medicine and look for bandages. Gwen had some but I wanted the special kind for blisters.

It was there that I found my new best friend (relatively speaking). Band-Aid® Friction Block™. Claims to prevent blisters and it does! It looks like a little tiny deodorant stick and you just rub in on your foot where your shoes rub. You are not supposed to use it on already formed blisters (I did, and it kept it from getting worse). At the end of Wednesday, the only blister on my foot was the one that I had before I put this stuff on.

So today I decided to put it to the test, I took it to work and wore my Cyprus Crocs, all day with no tape on my toes, just the Band-Aid® Friction Block™. No blisters, not even any red spots, and no tape residue on my feet. I am definitely taking it with me tomorrow.

For those of you who are expecting pictures from tomorrow, I have some bad news, I lost my camera today.

My long day and poor Fred

I am starting this post with some advice, don’t ever break a bone before a holiday or on a Friday (I actually recommend you don’t break a bone at all, but if you’re going to insist on doing it, follow the above advice). The urgent care put a splint on it, he was to go to a orthopedist for a cast today. Well, D couldn’t get one to return his call, so he called the pediatrician who told him to go to the hospital ER to get it done. Well, they put a temporary cast on it and Monday Em has to take him to the orthopedist for another x-ray and cast. Poor kid.

The worst thing though? Em had told him that after spring break he could start riding his bike to school. Well, now he can’t.

On to the massage, when I made the appointment, they asked if I wanted a female, since I never had a massage before I didn’t know what to expect and so I didn’t know it would make a difference whether or not I had a male or female. So I said it didn’t matter. Ron gave me my massage, he said to let him know if he was pressing too hard, since it was my first massage. When he first started he pushed real hard on my lower back and I thought I was going to pass out from not being able to breathe, I was just about to shout, “Stop I can’t breathe!” When he let up, so I guess he knows what he’s doing. He also asked me if I was just there for a massage or if there was anything else, so I told him about my injured shoulder, and I noticed he did things with that shoulder he didn’t do with the other, so it ended up a little sore, but better in the long run. In fact right now, I can almost lift my arm straight up. He didn’t do much of a head massage, probably cause I have all this hair. Note to self: before getting another massage. Shave head.

After we showered and Em went in the steam room. I didn’t because I was getting a headache. We walked across Central Park to Cafe Frida for lunch, where I proceeded to make a total mess of myself with my burrito. I thought I could pick it up and eat it, and in doing so I got sauce all over the place and on my pants. Then we walked up to the Crocs store so I could get the sandals I saw the last time we were there. It was there that I realized I didn’t have my debit card with me. Em gave me the cash for the Crocs and I was then racking my brain trying to figure out what could have happened to it. My only thought was, since the last time I had used it was at the gas station, and I normally put my card in my pocket after I swipe it at the pump and it wasn’t in my pocket now, was I had taken it out of my pocket at home and left it on my bed. I called Gwen and she looked, but couldn’t find it. I wasn’t too worried, since I hadn’t gone anywhere after the gas station so I was pretty sure I hadn’t left it anywhere (I found it on my bed when I got home).

We stopped at several stores on the way back to GCT, Em was looking for a bathing suit for Puerto Rico, but didn’t find one. We also stopped at a Chase bank to see how much was in my Chase account since I did have that card with me. We also looked for a place where we could get Fred an NYPD hat since he can’t wear his shirt right now (can’t get it on over his cast). Em didn’t find a suit and we couldn’t find a hat. So she got him an i-Tunes card so he could get stuff for his i-Touch and she also got chocolate mousse cheese cake from Junior’s.

When we got to the train station at home, since I drove, so D could have Em’s van to take Fred where he needed to be taken, I asked her if she wanted to go home, she said, “No I want to go to Macy’s to get a bathing suit!” She ended up getting one at Penney’s and I found this really adorable sun dress on sale, and the cashier scanned this coupon for an extra 20% off.

At home Em gave Fred his i-Tunes card and as she was apologizing for not finding something authentically NY he said, “Its an authentic NYC i-Tunes card.”

>Last night I had planned to write more in detail about my new Sony Reader but time kind of got away from me. D and Em had to take Fred to the urgent care, he broke his arm, same arm he broke when he was 5 just higher up.

Yes we are still going for our massages, he has plenty of people to take care of him and he is looking forward to torturing Tigger. He is not looking forward to having to watch Anne of Green Gables with Stitch and Gwen.

My eyes are really bugging me, I don’t know what is wrong with my contacts or maybe its my eye makeup. I will be back later to report on my massage and my day.


>When I got up this morning, it was to discover I now only have 9 long nails. One came off during the night and I can’t find it to glue back on. Well, only thing to do is smooth it down and dab some dark polish on until I get my nails done again.

When I showed Em, she grinned and said, “Well, my lashes came off and I can’t get them on this morning.”

So we went to the meeting, I was late as usual. Em took Tigger to get his hair cut and then to get groceries, the rest of them were playing Monopoly. while all this was going on I discovered that the freezer was not working. So I was upstairs when they got home and was standing in the kitchen in my new crocs. I pointed them out to Tigger, he came over and asked, “Are they fuzzy inside?” So I took one off and handed it to him. He put his hand in it and looked around at the others and said, “It’s fuzzy inside!” I told him yes and my feet are finally warm!

After they got the food rearranged and some put in the upstairs freezer and some out in the shed (so no animals will eat it). Em cooked up the beef and made tacos. Then we cleaned up and Gwen and I played Rummicub. I think that is all for tonight. No work tomorrow so I may be back a few times!