>When I got up this morning, it was to discover I now only have 9 long nails. One came off during the night and I can’t find it to glue back on. Well, only thing to do is smooth it down and dab some dark polish on until I get my nails done again.

When I showed Em, she grinned and said, “Well, my lashes came off and I can’t get them on this morning.”

So we went to the meeting, I was late as usual. Em took Tigger to get his hair cut and then to get groceries, the rest of them were playing Monopoly. while all this was going on I discovered that the freezer was not working. So I was upstairs when they got home and was standing in the kitchen in my new crocs. I pointed them out to Tigger, he came over and asked, “Are they fuzzy inside?” So I took one off and handed it to him. He put his hand in it and looked around at the others and said, “It’s fuzzy inside!” I told him yes and my feet are finally warm!

After they got the food rearranged and some put in the upstairs freezer and some out in the shed (so no animals will eat it). Em cooked up the beef and made tacos. Then we cleaned up and Gwen and I played Rummicub. I think that is all for tonight. No work tomorrow so I may be back a few times!