>we went to the city, we should probably get our heads examined. When I got up this am it was -1ºF. Should have gone back to bed when I saw that, but I didn’t, I got up and went to the city. Em had her appointment for a facial, but what was my reason? Well, I guess I didn’t have any but I wanted to go with her. So I got up, put on a pair of long underwear, that I bought last night, and the rest of my clothes and came. It was a chance to wear the leather mittens I bought.

We had breakfast at our breakfast place then walked to Lancôme, walked! Further evidence of our mental stability, or should I say lack of? While Em was getting her facial I found a place on 72nd to get my nails done. Long and dark purple how do they look? I like them. Then I sent a text to Em and went to the Crocs™ store while waiting for an answer. I decided to go back to Lancôme I thought she might still be there since she was going to send me a text when she was done. As it was she was walking toward me, she hadn’t turned her phone on and when she tried, it was dead. Em got false eyelashes, she looks amazing with them and he told her how to do them herself, but I got the impression she is not sure she can do them herself, she will though.

So after sending a text to Tigger telling him mom’s phone wasn’t working, we went to Crocs™. Em got a pair of Black lined Crocs™ and I got a pair of purple. Then Em had her bra fitting but we wanted to get lunch first, we found this Mayan Restaurant called Cafe Frida on Columbus, it was excellent, Em got Flautas and I got chicken Enchiladas with Mole sauce. Mine came with a side of rice and beans, Em got to them before me, she every bite of hers and I at almost every bite of mine and half the rice and beans. The food was amazing and made fresh and quick! I wrote down the name so we can go back.

We then went to the bra store so Em could get fitted, I am not saying the name or where, when Em came out she said “Waste of time” she then detailed her reasons which I will not repeat here. Just say she was disappointed. We went to the mall at Columbus Circle, the cold was really starting to get to me. We saw a temperature sign on the Citibank (?) that said 14ºF, so what happened to the 20ºF forecast? I don’t think it made it to 20ºF, it certainly didn’t feel like it to me, and see my water bottle? That’s ice inside there and I didn’t get it from the freezer, I got it from a street vendor and it froze as I was walking and holding it.

Aside from the stops at Starbucks to warm up, I got a migraine from the cold, I also got chapped skin on my legs (That hurts) and to tell you we ended up with French Onion Soup and Glenfiddich at Annie Moores. There’s nothing left to say.