>I totally forgot to blog yesterday. I will not meet my quota for this month at this rate. I also realize I never finished our trip to New York. Well Sunday was much the same as Saturday, except we were all three in the city in the morning, since we stayed overnight. Had breakfast at Lindy’s, overpriced, not worth it. Gwen went to class, we checked out, then checked our bags in to be held until we were ready to go home and wandered. I bought a hat because I forgot mine and the sun was making me ill.

As I was standing in line to pay for it I was looking around the store (we were down on Broadway, near the sea port) and turned to Gwen to mouth at her, ‘I think this is a druggie store.’ She just nodded back at me.

When we were at Annie Moore’s to have dinner I went in the Ladies Room to once again see if I could figure out why my eye felt like something was in it. As I was looking my contact started to, um, slip out of my eye. So I took it to put it back in, it was inside out, so I tried to turn it right side out and it tore. Right in two. Well, my eye felt better, but I couldn’t see so good. My contacts are prescribed to correct fully with my left eye (the one that tore) for distance, under correct with the right eye, for reading. So while things weren’t as bad as they would have been with no contacts, things were still blurry.

And the last thing from the city, we got sweets at Zaro’s. Gwen could only eat half of her cake, she was going to save it for later, then she decided not to and took the plastic container it was in over to the trash and tossed it. After she came back this man comes running up to the trash can, runs into it and almost knocks it over, then pulls the cake out. After he left, she turns to me with a grin and says, “Guess I just fed a homeless man.” LOL! I guess she did.