>Last night I had planned to watch LOCI, then take my shower, then blog, I was going to finish my trip to NYC, relate the latest health news from my mom, and talk about Fred playing in Newburgh, I got as far as the intro to the show, you know that first little bit before they show the title sequence, I went to get water for tea and then Fred came down and I went in my room to get candy for him, then I heard him shouting, I went out to find Tigger holding Butterscotch, his ear was covered in blood (Butterscotch’s, not Tigger).

So the next 1-½ hours were spent trying to doctor his ear and cleaning up the blood. Those forensic guys are right. Blood is very hard to get rid of. Especially on bare wood, like the basement stairs are. Where he likes to sit and sleep and just thinking about it makes me queasy.
After that was done, I had to shower and then put my clothes in some oxyclean to soak, I already had some because I had to get the blue ice out of my sweater. It worked for that and my sweater now looks gorgeous. Bring all the clothes that were hanging up into my room and put them away. So Butterscotch wouldn’t get blood on them overnight. By that time I was so tired I couldn’t think. I just went to bed without blogging. So now my list of things to blog about has grown. Tonight I am sure I will be cleaning up more blood, Em is going to try to get him into the vet on Tuesday. Here’s hoping.