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These are all the pictures I took, I used Picasa 3 and made a collage. Isn’t it cool? O.K. Maybe not.

>Long day plus

>Today was a long day, plus I had an appointment to get my nails done. So that made it even longer. Then I stopped afterward to get a mocha, notice how I got both those events in one picture? Aren’t I clever? *Preen*

I probably shouldn’t have stopped for the mocha, cause then I missed the 7:26 p.m. train and had to take the 7:56 p.m. I got an e-mail earlier in the day saying there was a problem with a stalled train at the New Hamburg Station so there was no train service between Beacon and Poughkeepsie. Not a problem for me since I get off at Beacon.

The reason I haven’t posted about our trip to the city is because I still haven’t renamed all the pictures I took. I am going to do that now and then I will post.

>Pedicab Safety Rules Were Never Put Into Effect
An accident that seriously injured a pedicab driver in New York highlighted the lack of city enforcement.

~The New York Times~

I knew these things were dangerous!


On June 12, 1987, during a visit to the divided German city of Berlin, President Ronald Reagan publicly challenged Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.”

~The New York Times~

For more postcard fun, visit postmistress Marie Reed!

I first saw this fun Meme on Daryl’s blog. She encouraged me to join so here is my first Postcard Friendship Friday.

This was sent to me by a lady in my church. She had gone to Canada to attend a religious convention. I don’t remember her going, I do remember her. You can see the year was 1972, and I was living in Washington State at the time.

I wanted the first postcard I posted to be the oldest one I had, which my Grannie sent me from Italy, but it wasn’t in my keepsake box. I will be very upset if it is gone. I don’t have many things from my Granny.