>Sorry to put a post so close to the other one, but that post was for yesterday and this post is for today. First off we had to go to Newburgh for the Special Assembly Day, so I had to pack my lunch and I was running around like I usually do. I put my lunch in my insulated bag and put the blue ice thing in it. I went in my bedroom to put my eye makeup on and as I was putting the mascara back into the bag, I noticed something blue all over my hands! My ice pack thingy had a hole in it. Fortunately I didn’t get it all over, just all over hands which were then dyed blue. That stuff does not wash off at least not right away.

Last night I joined the forum the boys are on all the time. Tigger kept insisting. Today after we got home, I checked my e-mail and Red-Lady had invited to join Facebook. Stitch is on, I didn’t tell him I know. So I joined Facebook. I just put a bunch of the pictures from Manhattan on it but I couldn’t get to all of them on my computer. My name there is Bella Foxx, or you could just scroll down to the button and click on it.

I started this post, then I fell asleep. I was going to go to bed, but after I washed my face, took out my contacts and sneaked upstairs to get a snack (I got grapes, not what I wanted, I wanted Star Trek cereal) I felt more awake and got my computer back out to finish this. Now I am dead tired and going to bed.