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>I’ve Been Tagged!

Anonymous Bloggette at Life and My Place In It tagged me. The rules are below.


1. Mention the person who nominated you.
2. List six unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag six blogs, state the rules & notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Six things that make me happy, unimportant things…hmm

  1. Tigger’s grin and Fred’s laugh
  2. Getting more followers and getting comments on my blog
  3. Going to lunch at Cafe Frida with Em
  4. Walking through Central Park
  5. Leaving the house with all my make-up on
  6. Getting to watch NCIS

So now I have to tag 6 people, so here goes,

  1. Red lady-Bonnie at ~Redlady’s Reading Room~
  2. Almost American at Almost American
  3. dellgirl at At the Starting Gate
  4. Tena at Crazy Book Slut
  5. Mamarazzi at Dandelion Wishes
  6. DeSeRt RoSe at DeSeRt RoSe BoOkLoGuE

Yes I went over, but I couldn’t leave out DeSeRt RoSe and JonJon who have been so kind to me. It was a difficult choice because most of the bloggers out there are nice. Anyone else who would like to join in on this Meme is welcome to.


>On May 1, 1960, the Soviet Union shot down an American U-2 reconnaissance plane near Sverdlovsk and captured its pilot, Francis Gary Powers.

~The New York Times~

That wasn’t very nice of the Soviets! 😦

On May 1, 1907, Kate Smith, the American singer who was considered the “first lady of radio,” was born. Following her death on June 17, 1986, her obituary appeared in The Times.