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>After I left Starbucks, some things happened that I just had to come on here and relate. First a little background.

My nail salon is on the corner of Madison Ave. and 36th St. Macy’s is in Herald Square which is at the corner of 34th St. and 7th Ave. Macy’s is having a Lancome giveaway. Since the kids were going to a movie and I was so close to Macy’s already, I decided to go there and get some makeup and get the free gift. As I was walking down 34th St to 7th Ave, this woman and her friend were behind me and she was talking really loud, “You know how if your bigger in the bust your clothes will go . . . ” I was trying to not listen, at the same time I was trying to so I could blog about it, but her voice was very annoying. Somehow they got ahead of me, and I kept trying to get in front of them to get away from them but I couldn’t, I didn’t want to slow down cause I really wanted to get to Macy’s. When we got to Herald Square she started in on, ‘This is Herald Square where the Macy’s Day Parade is.” Crossing the street I tried to go around them again but couldn’t, there were too many people. Then she says, “You know those plastic sippy cups? I like to fill them with wine for when I go to the park with the kids . . .” That’s when I ran. Fortunately they were not going to Macy’s.

After I left Macy’s I walked up 7th Avenue to go to GCT to catch the train home. When I got to 42nd Street. I saw Mickie and Minnie Mouse, walking side by side carrying these red felt bags. Mickie had one of those kids backpacks on that looks like a stuffed animal. Fortunately they did not look at me so I didn’t scream and call them pedophiles. That’s a long story for another time, or never. Then up at the corner was Elmo, he was taller then me, I walked behind him where he couldn’t see me. I have an unreasonable fear of stuffed animals that are bigger then me and walk.


>Remember I posted about dropping a meatball on my pants the other day? Well today I spilled milk on my calendar. My wall calendar. . . . Think on that for a while.

Right now I am sitting in Starbucks across the street from my nail salon. I should be going home, but the kids are going to see a movie so I don’t feel the need to rush.

Em & D are in the city now, she’s been sending me text messages. The last one informed me they were at Marie Belle’s on Madison. They got a free night at a hotel because of D’s trip to Toronto.

The Boss and I went to lunch today, as we were walking towards Mario’s we say this woman with a manikin, really, a full size naked woman with high heels. Boss said she was anatomically correct, I didn’t look that closely. After we passed her, he said ‘Don’t say anything.’ I shook my head and he continued, ‘Like what the f*** is she doing with that?!’

I was going to stop at the eye place to see if my contacts were in but I forgot, if they are open when I get back I will go in and bug them.

>Audio Slide Show: Pinched by a Paycut
Jeff and Sharon Ferrell and their four children struggle on 10 percent less income each month.

Audio Slide Show

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On May 29, 1953, Mount Everest was conquered as Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and sherpa Tenzing Norgay of Nepal became the first climbers to reach the summit.

~The New York Times~

Police Officer Fatally Shot in Harlem
The police officer, who was assigned to patrol the city’s housing projects, had just gotten off duty.
~The New York Times~

>Star Trek is #1!

>2009 Box Office figures, thus far:

Star Trek : $194,828,380
Monsters Vs. Aliens : $193,972,168
Wolverine : $166,381,907 4,102
Fast and Furious : $153,673,510 3,674
Paul Blart: Mall Cop : $146,336,178
Taken : $144,803,118 3,184
Watchmen : $107,507,846 3,611
He’s Just Not That Into You : $93,927,443
Angels & Demons : $91,641,163 3,527

O.K., I know I said no more Trek, but this is the very last one. I promise.