>Remember I posted about dropping a meatball on my pants the other day? Well today I spilled milk on my calendar. My wall calendar. . . . Think on that for a while.

Right now I am sitting in Starbucks across the street from my nail salon. I should be going home, but the kids are going to see a movie so I don’t feel the need to rush.

Em & D are in the city now, she’s been sending me text messages. The last one informed me they were at Marie Belle’s on Madison. They got a free night at a hotel because of D’s trip to Toronto.

The Boss and I went to lunch today, as we were walking towards Mario’s we say this woman with a manikin, really, a full size naked woman with high heels. Boss said she was anatomically correct, I didn’t look that closely. After we passed her, he said ‘Don’t say anything.’ I shook my head and he continued, ‘Like what the f*** is she doing with that?!’

I was going to stop at the eye place to see if my contacts were in but I forgot, if they are open when I get back I will go in and bug them.