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>Missed Midnight

>Kind of knew I would, but wanted to get ready for bed. This way, when I finish I can just put my laptop away and go to sleep.

Wednesday it was actually colder then Tuesday, and this is not right. We are going into summer, the days should be getting warmer. Other then that and the big black SUV tailgating me on the way to church, today was uneventful. Well one little thing, I went out to get lunch and this man was walking his toy Doxie, who proceeded to jump on me, not mean, very friendly. So I scratched the dog’s head. I got a meatball sub, don’t know why, I was going for soup. When I got back and sat down, I said to myself, why did I get a meatball sub, (with marinara sauce) when I am wearing light aqua pants? Sure enough, I dropped a meatball on myself and got sauce on one of my pant legs. When I went to try to get it out, I notice dirt on my other leg, from the Doxie jumping on me. *Sigh* Tomorrow night I will be doing laundry I think.

That’s it, going to bed now.


>Two More New Yorkers With Swine Flu Die
Health officials said that all of the patients who died in the city had underlying conditions that increased their risks.

~The New York Times~


On May 27, 1964, independent India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, died.

~The New York Times~