>I was having commuting problems this morning, actually starting last night. When I was going home my card wouldn’t swipe. I kept getting this message to ‘swipe card again at this terminal’ when I went to the other terminal to try it I got the message, ‘card was just used’. ARG! so frustrating. Since I didn’t want to wait 15-20 minutes I used my other metro card, the one where I have to pay for each trip.

Then this morning coming into work I was happily plugged into my iPod and after we stopped at Cortlandt they made an announcement. I couldn’t hear what the announcement was but all of a sudden people who had just sat down jumped up. The woman beside me, who had just sat down and gotten out her book, closed it and put it back in her bag. I knew what that meant. Equipment change, we had to change trains at Croton. What a pain. All this time my right eye was bothering me and I had forgotten to put more money in my change purse for the day. So I stopped at the bank on the way into work, after I got to work I took my contact lens solution into the bathroom and took out my contact, rinsed it, looked at it, put it back in. Still hurting, so I took it out again, this time I saw a tiny tear in the contact. So I only had one contact in and was having a hell of a time doing my work.

None of this deterred me from going to Strawberry Fields after work. Em and Tigger were already up there. I stopped and got flowers, Em said they were too pretty to leave, I said, ‘they were cheap.’ She said that was fine, next year for the 30th anniversary I will get roses. There were a lot of people there I won’t hazard a guess how many, but they were all circled around the mosaic singing and playing music so I couldn’t get to the mosaic (I took this picture, just not today). Em said some people were leaving flowers at the plaque so we walked down there, past the pot smokers, someone had a lit a candle and I put my pretty purple flowers there. I forgot my camera so no pictures, besides it was dark by then and I still haven’t found out if the night feature works on my camera. Next trip I promise.

Turned out to be a pretty good day after all, except for the blisters on my toes because I was wearing my boots. I wasn’t expecting to walk all the way to Central Park but when I got to Time Square I couldn’t find the subway because there were too many people (don’t try to figure it out, just smile and wave).