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>Not much going on

>today, just cleaning. Yesterday was a total bust, Tigger bailed on me going to the city. He insisted all day that he was too sick to go. Bah!

The fight is still going on. I keep saying he just didn’t want to go with me ’cause I said we weren’t going to do any shopping. He insists that he would have been perfectly happy just taking pictures.

This morning Gwen and I were talking about blogs, she hasn’t done much on her’s lately, she wants me to help her, by telling her what she should write about! I can’t do that, its her blog. Anyway, then Tigger decided he wanted to make his own blog, Stitch suggested the title Ramblings of a nutcase which of course he liked and is using. Then after saying he probably wouldn’t post anything beyond the first post, he has posted 3 of his stories. Gwen of course went on her blog The continuing journey of the Voyager Princess to tell everyone about it. Then I posted my own little comment.

If you have a moment, you should really check them out.


Happy Blogoversary to me

Today is my Blogoversary and as promised, there is cake.

I started blogging 3 years ago today. I can’t really say I started this blog 3 years ago since it had a different name and sign in and everything. After a while things got too complicated so I started a new blog. Then I tried to make my blog 3 columns and ended up not being able to post new entries. So I started this blog and discovered that I could import my posts from the other blogs. So I did that and this blog has all my posts from the very beginning.

I also decided that I needed a separate blog for my book reviews (since people were sending me books for review, except I haven’t done any in a while, I am getting back to it though, now that November is almost gone) and for my crafts, except I haven’t done any in a while. Something else to get back to.

Anyway, its been a fun ride and a learning experience and I couldn’t have done it without you. So thanks to all my readers, there will be more fun to come, I have lots more to say!

Blogoversary and new picture

2 days until my blogoversary. I was going to have a contest and giveaway, but I lost track of time, November has never been a good month for me so I didn’t do anything. I might be able to have cake though, …

On another subject, I was thinking how I still had the same picture on Facebook, so I changed it to this picture. I kind of got this by accident, I just held up my cell phone and snapped it. The angle and composition turned out really nice, I like it. After putting it in my Facebook profile and Twitter, I decided it was time to change the picture on my blog too. So here it is, don’t know how long it will stay.

You can see my new lipstick that I tried to get a picture of before.

Click on the picture to see a video of “Viva La Vida”. Pretty blue eyes!

>Just hanging around

>Not much going on. I had a doctor’s appointment. My dermatologist so I left work early, got a sandwich at the deli and ate it in Central Park.
These are new, bleachers set up around Columbus Circle. I didn’t ask anyone, but I am assuming they are for the Macy’s 83rd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade since this website says the parade comes past here.

While I was at Columbus Circle I also took this photo. Trees already decorated for Christmas, well I posted a picture in a previous post. I took that picture with my cell phone which is not designed for night pictures. Saturday I am coming back with my camera, see if the “night” feature works. Tigger is coming with me.

Also the Christmas fair has started at Bryant Park.Em and I ate at this restaurant, and I blogged about it here.

That’s about it.

>Check out this blog/website

>Eightcrazy Design

>Saturday in NYC

>Em and I went down early. Wanted to get breakfast at Pershing Square before Em’s nail appointment. We were a little disappointed with the service. All the times we have gone there this is the first time the service wasn’t great. What was most annoying was his other customers were getting great service.

I told Em, I needed more pictures of Central Park for my Facebook albums. So of course I forgot to take my camera with me. And of course I saw some very cute things that I really would have liked to take pictures of. Since I just had my phone, all I got pictures of were of me with my new lipstick. Which I got a Sephora, along with eyeliner and mascara (kind of a blue green color, which I haven’t worn yet, hence no pictures) and some hand cream and um something else I think, maybe not. Anyway, the lipstick is dark and purple-ish and I really like it.

Some pretty lights.
And this rather lame picture of Central Park after dark. It looked really cool in actuality.

And since I didn’t have my camera, which has a setting for night pictures, which my cell phone doesn’t have, I missed the coolest shot ever, which will probably never happen again. We were walking past the duck pond, and some ducks were swimming around and Em was telling them it was time for them to go home, I was telling her that they were home when she gasps, and I looked over where she was looking . . . and this raccoon was sticking his cute little head up from behind some rocks! He was close enough we could see his face clearly and there was a lamp post right there so the light was shining right on him. It was so very cool. And I missed it, the shot of a lifetime.

>joke from the forum

>This morning on the motorway, I looked over to my left and there was a Woman in a brand new BMW doing 75 Mph with her face up next to her rear view mirror… putting on her eyeliner!

I looked away for a couple seconds… and when I looked back she was halfway over in my lane, still working on that make-up!

As a man, I don’t scare easily. But she scared me so much I dropped my electric shaver, which knocked the meat pie out of my other hand. In all the confusion of trying to straighten out the car using my knees against the steering wheel, it knocked my Mobile phone away from my ear which fell into the coffee between my legs, splashed, and burned Big Jim and the Twins, ruined the phone, soaked my trousers, and disconnected an important call.

Bloody women drivers!!
Please save a tree, reduce waste. Print e-mails only when necessary.

>Breaking News Alert

>O.K., these people are really starting to confuse me.

The New York Times
Fri, November 20, 2009 — 12:01 AM ET

Guidelines Push Back Age for Cervical Cancer Tests

New guidelines for cervical cancer screening say women should delay their first Pap test until age 21, and go for screening less often than had been previously recommended.

Read More: ~The New York Times~

>Turkey Fryer Safety

>Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away and most people are already planning their Thanksgiving feast. If your feast includes a deep fried turkey, you may want to rethink your plans.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) discourages the use of outdoor gas-fueled turkey fryers that immerse the turkey in hot oil. The use of turkey fryers by consumers can lead to devastating burns, other injuries and the destruction of property.

For those who still cannot resist the Thanksgiving tradition; prior to using a turkey fryer, check out the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for a list of safety tips.

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