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>I am so glad it is Halloween

>Yes really, cause it means it will be OVER soon. I hate Halloween. Even so it was an O.K. day. Went to Allsport with Em, did the elliptical and weights. Then she and D went out to lunch. I was bored and wanted to go out, I also wanted lunch. Tigger mentioned candy corn, and so off we went, stopped to eat and I got a lemonade, which I managed to spill all over my jacket. It seems every time I wear that jacket I get something on it.

Then we went to Target where I had the second disappointment of the day. No regular candy corn, they had the ‘harvest’ candy corn and ‘caramel’ candy corn. So Tigger picked up some Hot Tamales and I got some milk duds. While leaving Target, Tigger turned to me and said, “Halloween has changed, it is no longer about trying to get free candy, now it is, how much like a whore can a pre-teen girl look?” He went on to say he just a girl, couldn’t have been more then 10 with a skirt just covering her butt.

Since I had already planned to go to the laundromat, the lemonade on the jacket was no big deal. I got Gwen to go with me, washed the jacket and my whites and put them in the dryer, and the jacket wouldn’t dry. When I got home my clothes from the other are also still not dry. The de-humidifier is gone, so I have a fan set up, hopefully it will help them dry so I can wear something Monday.


>Now a recurring washer problem

>Last night I put a load of clothes in the washer while I was watching the game. It ran for a little then stopped. In the back of my head I thought it hadn’t run long enough, but I dismissed it. After the game I went to get my clothes out and the washer was still full of water. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it so I just left them there. It was much too late to take them to the laundromat, especially since I would have had to fish them out of the cold water and wring them out first.

One day this week I bought a Yankees magazine, it gives a mini history of their season and had pictures of the active players. I scanned the pictures I liked. One picture I liked but didn’t scan had a woman holding up a sign, “Jeter, I will sign a pre-nup”. Em wanted me to print off Swisher’s picture for her bulletin board at work. I did it 4×6 on photo paper so it looks really nice. Then she wanted me to print of Mariano for someone at her job the same size. Then I printed a couple off for me. My cabinet at work is slowly being covered by Jeter. So I just printed off a picture of another player to add to it.


>Right now we are down to one car. Here is how this happened. Em's van was having trouble, it wouldn't start one day, and then it did. D thought he had figured out the problem, then he left for Canada in the new car. He left the day we came back from Buffalo. Then one day this week, I think it was Monday, the van wouldn't start again. Fortunately Stitch and Gwen had not left for DCC yet, however, when it warmed up the van started. So the mornings have been kind of stressful for the others, yesterday it was raining and Em had to worry about getting home in the rain. This morning at the train station, Stitch was making faces. His reason? "I am trying to make myself happy because I have to take the bus today." How quickly they get used to driving.

>New Schedule

Game ~~ Matchup ~~~ Date ~~~~~~~ Time
Gm. 1 ~~ LAA@NYY ~ Fri., Oct. 16 ~ 7:57 p.m. ~~ W 4-1
Gm. 2 ~~ LAA@NYY ~ Sat., Oct. 17 ~ 7:57 p.m. ~ W 4-3 (13th)
Gm. 3 ~~ NYY@LAA ~ Mon., Oct. 19 ~ 4:13 p.m. ~~L 4-5 (11th)
Gm. 4 ~~ NYY@LAA ~ Tue., Oct. 20 ~ 7:57 p.m. ~ W 10-1
Gm. 5* ~ NYY@LAA ~ Thu., Oct. 22 ~ 7:57 p.m. ~~ L 6-7
Gm. 6* ~ LAA@NYY ~ Sat., Oct. 24 ~ 7:57 p.m. ~~ Rain
Gm. 6* ~ LAA@NYY ~ Sun., Oct. 25 ~ 8:20 p.m. ~~ W 5-2
Final ~~ ALCS Game 6 ~ Yankees win series, 4-2

The entire schedule is subject to change (all times ET)
*If necessary
All games on FOX

>Home from Buffalo

>I was so glad to be home last night. The trip wasn’t as bad as I envisioned, it helps that I like driving at night. And I learned some things, like the State Police DO write tickets (giggle), at 5 a.m. in the pouring rain! I don’t ever ever want to be in a wheel chair.

Some people don’t change and some little boys that you thought were so sweet grow up to be Pats fans! On another note, I don’t think Sammy stopped smiling the whole time we were there.

>An update from Buffalo

>Still here and my eyes feel like they are going to fall out of my head. Michelle has a cat and I am allergic, if I was home with our cat, I would have already gone downstairs to my cat hair free room.

I didn’t mention it before but we had pizza for lunch,then Michelle was talking about pizza for dinner, difference was the pizza place she was ordering from has gluten free pizza. Gwen and I shared, it was actually rather edible.

Now they are playing Mario Kart on the wii, after Fred made an extremely weird Mii.

>We left for Buffalo between 4 and 4:30 this a.m. Yesterday I rented a Dodge Avenger so we could travel in comfort. So it was pitch black when we left and pouring down rain. Does it seem to anybody else that it is always darker when its raining? Well yeah cause the rain clouds block the stars and moon! Besides that, I firmly believe that Dodge vehicles are not designed for short people, my reason for believing that is I could not see over the hood of the car! On top of that my GPS was not working and Gwen couldn’t find the right directions. Both of those problems were soon fixed. I drove for 4 hours then Stitch drove the last 4 and now we are in Buffalo.

This is what we are all doing, Michelle is on Facebook (so am I, while also typing this here) and the kids are entertaining their friend by playing Wii with him and just now they are hooking up the x-box for him. So it is almost like being at home. Stitch is sleeping poor baby so tired, he has been up since three, kind of like I have!

>Time Square and frustration at City College

>Tuesday I had my SEFA kick-off luncheon/award ceremony (I didn’t win an award). They used to have the two events separate, but because of the ‘economic condition’ now they are one event. I got my invitation, complete with a response sheet and directions in the mail. To get there I had to go through Time Square, there was this performer, he was wearing a skeleton suit(black outfit with skeleton in white painted/printed on it) and a white mask (like Phantom or Jason but not at professional looking) and a white hat. The hat had the Yankee logo on it, but it was in white, outlined in black. I spent the next 10 minutes wondering if he was trying to curse the Yankees. I decided it was just for Halloween.

I got a late start for the SEFA thing because Joe DiMura and Koon Tang were in the office and wanted to meet with staff, then we had an emergency drill. Then I had a little trouble with the stellar(heavy sarcasm) directions they provided, “1 to 137th Street at Broadway. Walk south …. and walk east … to Convent Ave. and 135th Street.” There was no indication about which way you should go. From where I was standing I could see a street number sign ‘141’. The address was ‘150’, so I thought the Hall where the luncheon was would be on the other side of the street. So I started walking down the street, the wrong way at first, then I turned around and stayed on the side of the street opposite of 141. The event was at City College and I eventually realized that all the College building were on the opposite side of the street, so I crossed over, I kept walking, I walked 5 blocks ending up past the college. So once again I turned around. By now it was 30 minutes past when I should have been there. As I got almost to 135th Street I noticed a sign that said ‘Aaron Davis Hall’, the reason I didn’t see it was because I was on the other side of the street, 150 Convent Ave was next to 141 Convent Ave, not across the street!

After the program was over instead of going back to work I went downtown and did some shopping. I knew I would be too stressed afterwards, (their directions always suck, I won’t tell you about the last time) I went to Yankee Clubhouse and Sephora, the only thing I bought was a Yankees headband for the cold weather. Gwen saw it when I got home and wants one.

Tonight the Phillies beat the Dodgers, so the Phillies are going to the World Series. That is good, Em and I wanted them to beat the Dodgers.

>Saturday in the city and a new blog

>Friday was the first game of the ALCS and I missed part of it because I had to go up to get new shoes. I needed to wear shoes Saturday to the city and all my shoes hurt my feet. Em said I probably needed bigger shoes, which doesn’t make sense to me. Target didn’t have any that I liked so I went to DSW and found pair of Skechers. I bought them in a size larger, mainly because I couldn’t remember the size I already had. They are called D’lites and are black and pick and are lightweight.

Em had a nail appointment, but she was worried about the rain. We went anyway, the weather report said the rain would come later, so we went down after having breakfast at Panera. I had remembered to charge everything so I had my book and my music. The little dog Angela at the nail salon was a wee bit upset I was sitting on her couch. She kept coming up to me and looking at me.

Then we had lunch at the diner and did some shopping. We bought some stuff at Express. In all a good day, and we got home before the rain and in time to watch the Yankee game. And my shoes did not hurt my feet.

Now if you want to know about the Yankee game, check out my new blog The Foxx Loves the Yankees.

>Well tonight was a bust

>Internet connection was acting up all evening. I wanted to check out the MLB blogs. Thinking about starting one there so I can go on and on about the Yankees. But no time now!

There were more things I wanted to do on Facebook and I kept getting an error message. Other sites I wanted to check in on and not happening. So now I am just popping in here to say “HI!” Then hitting the sack. Don’t want a repeat of this morning tomorrow morning. I woke up this morning when Stitch sent me his text about getting up, which made me late.

So far, the Phillies are ahead of the Dodgers. Hope they keep it up.