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>Wedding blues

>Ron’s wedding was today. Or perhaps I should say yesterday, since I haven’t gone to bed yet I am still thinking it was today. I love Ron, really I do, I did not particularly like this wedding. First it was outside, not a bad day for it, but kind of chilly and since we didn’t know it was going to be outside, some of us (me) didn’t dress for it. I was wearing a short dress with no hose and just a sweater. The sound system was not good, couldn’t hear much and it didn’t help that a plane kept flying overhead!

Just the wedding was outside, then we went inside and it took forever to get the food! Tigger ended up with a massive headache, I ended up with a stomach ache. My asthma is bothering me now. It is a good thing Em and I are going to the city tomorrow because one of my nails broke yesterday and I need to get it fixed. Right now I need to sleep.


>Yankees advance to ALCS

The Yankees keep on rolling. Winners of over 100 regular-season games, the Yankees sweep into the American League Championship Series with three straight wins over the Twins. Next up are the Angels, who completed their own sweep of the Red Sox. Game 1 of the ALCS is Friday night at Yankee Stadium.

>The Yankees defeated the Twins, 4-1, to sweep the ALDS and reach their first ALCS since 2004. New York will host the Angels in Game 1 on Friday on FOX.

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