>Friday was the first game of the ALCS and I missed part of it because I had to go up to get new shoes. I needed to wear shoes Saturday to the city and all my shoes hurt my feet. Em said I probably needed bigger shoes, which doesn’t make sense to me. Target didn’t have any that I liked so I went to DSW and found pair of Skechers. I bought them in a size larger, mainly because I couldn’t remember the size I already had. They are called D’lites and are black and pick and are lightweight.

Em had a nail appointment, but she was worried about the rain. We went anyway, the weather report said the rain would come later, so we went down after having breakfast at Panera. I had remembered to charge everything so I had my book and my music. The little dog Angela at the nail salon was a wee bit upset I was sitting on her couch. She kept coming up to me and looking at me.

Then we had lunch at the diner and did some shopping. We bought some stuff at Express. In all a good day, and we got home before the rain and in time to watch the Yankee game. And my shoes did not hurt my feet.

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