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Sick day today

as you probably already realize. I am kind of mad at the router, I can’t get videos to play on my computer from the web. Sometimes they play great sometimes, they . . . play . . . like . . . this. It is quite frustrating.

So as I was trying to watch NCIS: Los Angeles I get a text from Em asking if I am coming upstairs to her party. I had completely forgotten about her jewelry party, so not only did I come upstairs, I bought 3 pieces of jewelry and won a necklace in one of the party games. Then we sat around and talked, cause the kids and husband were still up at DCC watching Star Trek.

Tomorrow she is going to the city. She has an appointment to get her nails done. It is supposed to rain. This might be one time I won’t go with her. Depends on how I feel tomorrow. Of course, I will let you know.


>It takes a really good friend

>to be able to tell you when you look like shit. I called Em to pick me up at the train station, I needed a ride early because I have this cold and so I left work early. Those were her exact words when I got in the van. I complained, “I put makeup on!” Her reply was that doesn’t help when you have a green undertone to your skin.” The proof that I didn’t feel well was I didn’t take offense at what she said. Although as long as we have been friends, I might not have any way. The fact of the matter was I felt like trash, so I didn’t really care what she said, all I cared was she was there to pick me up.

As soon as we got home I went downstairs and laid down on my bed, I took my shoes off but nothing else. And I really knew I was sick when I sat up and put the blankets down and got cold, even without the fan on and my sweatshirt on. So the rest of my day yesterday was spent at home, feeling miserable. And today I stayed on from work again.