as you probably already realize. I am kind of mad at the router, I can’t get videos to play on my computer from the web. Sometimes they play great sometimes, they . . . play . . . like . . . this. It is quite frustrating.

So as I was trying to watch NCIS: Los Angeles I get a text from Em asking if I am coming upstairs to her party. I had completely forgotten about her jewelry party, so not only did I come upstairs, I bought 3 pieces of jewelry and won a necklace in one of the party games. Then we sat around and talked, cause the kids and husband were still up at DCC watching Star Trek.

Tomorrow she is going to the city. She has an appointment to get her nails done. It is supposed to rain. This might be one time I won’t go with her. Depends on how I feel tomorrow. Of course, I will let you know.