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>An update from Buffalo

>Still here and my eyes feel like they are going to fall out of my head. Michelle has a cat and I am allergic, if I was home with our cat, I would have already gone downstairs to my cat hair free room.

I didn’t mention it before but we had pizza for lunch,then Michelle was talking about pizza for dinner, difference was the pizza place she was ordering from has gluten free pizza. Gwen and I shared, it was actually rather edible.

Now they are playing Mario Kart on the wii, after Fred made an extremely weird Mii.


>We left for Buffalo between 4 and 4:30 this a.m. Yesterday I rented a Dodge Avenger so we could travel in comfort. So it was pitch black when we left and pouring down rain. Does it seem to anybody else that it is always darker when its raining? Well yeah cause the rain clouds block the stars and moon! Besides that, I firmly believe that Dodge vehicles are not designed for short people, my reason for believing that is I could not see over the hood of the car! On top of that my GPS was not working and Gwen couldn’t find the right directions. Both of those problems were soon fixed. I drove for 4 hours then Stitch drove the last 4 and now we are in Buffalo.

This is what we are all doing, Michelle is on Facebook (so am I, while also typing this here) and the kids are entertaining their friend by playing Wii with him and just now they are hooking up the x-box for him. So it is almost like being at home. Stitch is sleeping poor baby so tired, he has been up since three, kind of like I have!