>for two reasons. One is I missed my quota for blog posts for September, despite a valiant effort on my part, I came up one short. I went to the Yankees game with Em last night, ate too much, had beer, froze my a** off, and they lost. Reason 3 (ok, so I can’t count) I have a wicked cold and I came into work anyway. My boss knew I was going to a Yankees game and I knew he would say “You’re not sick, you’re just tired from the game!” So I’m hear, and my nose is stuffed up (when it’s not dripping) and my throat is so sore I can’t swallow my tea and my head is pound pound pounding.

At the stadium, Em and I went in the store to get some last minute Yankee stuff. Em got something for someone in her old office, an 8×10 picture of Teixeria, a ruler with Yankee logo all over it. I got her a little white bear, and myself a ‘Derek Jeter’ bat and signed baseball (the baseball is signed by the whole team). During the game, Em got me a hot chocolate in a really nice souvenir cup, insulated for hot and with a pop up lid to drink out of. I know I didn’t describe that right, when I get a picture I will post it. Oh, and Derek and Mark did play last night. At least until the 8th inning.

Em would like me to tell you, “The umpires need glasses and attitude adjustments.”