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On September 24, 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a draft WaterSense specification for showerheads for public comment.  Once this specification is finalized, consumers will be able to renovate their bathrooms with a full suite of WaterSense labeled products – toilets, faucets, and showerheads.

The WaterSense draft specification for showerheads sets the maximum flow rate at 2.0 gallons per minute (gpm) at a flowing pressure of 80 pounds per square inch (psi). As with all WaterSense specifications, the draft showerhead specification includes performance criteria to ensure that consumers will not have to sacrifice water coverage or spray intensity in order to achieve water savings.

As one of the leading uses of water in the home, showering accounts for nearly 17 percent of residential indoor water consumption. For most households, that’s nearly 30 gallons a day!  In fact, by installing high-efficiency showerheads, the average household could save more than 2,300 gallons of water and enough electricity to power their television use for about a year.  These reductions could add up to as much as $50 per year in water and energy bill savings.

Comments on the draft specification are being accepted through November 9, 2009.  For more information on the WaterSense program or the draft specification for showerheads, please visit

Please save a tree, reduce waste. Print e-mails only when necessary.


>Tomorrow night

>Em and I are going to the last regular season game at Yankee Stadium. There is a chance that our guys (Jeter and Teixeira) won’t be playing, but they still might be there. I am excited but also worried. I downloaded the tickets but I took them out of purse so I wouldn’t lose them. So now I am afraid I might forget to put them back in my purse tonight. Now that I have written about it, I most likely won’t. Of course if I forget them, I WILL be coming home to get them! Em also told me to bring my magazine, just in case. I also have to remember to print the e-mail about the fan club so I get 10% discount if we buy anything.

As much as I want to see the main players, I understand why they might not, and I think it is a good reason. I still want to go, after all, its still the Yankees.

>right now I am in the park. I have 45 minutes until my doctor’s appointment and it is a 4 minute walk. Last night I was busy, not to busy to blog like I wrote in my title, but when I was done with everything I just didn’t feel like it.

First I went to Sam Ashe (for Em) to get a lyre for a clarinet and a flip thingy (yes she laughed at me in the store {shrug}) for Fred. When I got home I had to go to Stop N Shop and then I had to dye my roots. Since I haven’t done it in a while I made a mess of it and have a dark streak on my cheek {sigh}.

The Yankee game was delayed because of rain so I was up late watching it, then I downloaded Episode 1 of Season 7 of NCIS (it wouldn’t play good on the website), I ended up having to put my computer aside while I was sleeping so it could finish. And one more thing, when I first sat down here I got surrounded by birds, checking to see if I had any food. NYC birds are very bold.

>Trying to catch up

>So here I am on Sunday night, when I really should be sleeping, trying to watch NCIS. I was at the concert on Tuesday so I missed the season opener and it is not playing on my computer. I am a little bit upset. If I have to buy the episode from iTunes I will not be happy.

I left all my buds on Facebook so I could watch it, well, O.K. I actually left them to come blog, I will give it one more try then if it doesn’t work, just go to bed.

>Thursday and Friday were regular work days. Friday was Em’s last day at the High school, something she is not happy about and is now looking for another job. Friday was the first game in Yankees/Red Sox series, which the Yankees won and which game I watched. Gwen even came down to watch it, until she got tired and went to bed.
Fri, 9/25 ~ Yankees vs Red Sox ~ W 9-5 98-56

Saturday Em went to volunteer at the Diabetes Expo at the Javits Center. “It’s a trade show. It’s an interactive health fair. It’s one-stop shopping for everything related to diabetes and healthy living. ADA Diabetes EXPO provides the most comprehensive array of diabetes-related products, services and information available under one roof. An ADA Diabetes EXPO is for people with diabetes, those at risk for diabetes and anyone interested in healthy living.”

I went down to meet her, her jewelry was in and she was going down to get it installed. I also wanted to check on something, after finding out what was involved and how much I decided to go for it too. I think you can tell from the picture what it is. After we went back up to grab some dinner and the game was on. So we stayed until it was over even though it meant we had to order dessert (well we didn’t really HAVE to), at one point some people clapped and I gave a little scream and now we had won two games.
Sat, 9/26 ~ Yankees vs Red Sox ~ W 3-0 ~ 99-56

Today I had to go to church so I couldn’t watch it. I had it on in the car and when I got to church, the Red Sox were ahead 2 to 1. After church I checked my phone and the score at the end of the 6th inning was Red Sox 2, Yankees 3. I listened on the way home and got to hear, “THE-E-E-E YANKEES WIN” right before we got home, so I was able to come inside and watch the post game. The final score was:
Sun, 9/27 ~ Yankees vs. Red Sox ~ W 4-2 ~ 100-56

Don’t think I need to add anymore.

>With a sweep of the division-rival Red Sox over the weekend, the Yankees reached 100 victories and clinched not only the division title but home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. If Boston takes the AL Wild Card, the Yankees will face the winner of the tight AL Central race, either Detroit or Minnesota, in the American League Division Series when the playoffs begin.

Party time: Yanks kings of AL East
Pettitte’s solid start, clutch hit by Matsui secure title
Click here for article.

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Sun, September 27, 2009 — 5:08 PM ET

Yankees Clinch American League East Title With 4-2 Victory Over Red Sox

The New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox, 4-2, on Sunday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, clinching the 2009 American League East division title.

Read More: ~The New York Times~

>Snow Patrol

>As I mentioned before, Tuesday we went to the Snow Patrol concert at the Beacon Theatre, it is really beautiful inside. Very ornate. It was a great show. The day leading up to it was not so great, including but not limited to a two mile walk from the subway to the hotel, in Queens!

Here is my ticket for Snow Patrol. It was an amazing concert. My seat was in the very top row, kind of in the corner. I wasn’t real happy with it, I was a little bit, “It’s too far up!”, until I realized that being in the last row meant I could stand and dance and not disturb anyone behind me. And being in the corner meant there was a place to put my purse and glass that I had my Makers Mark in that I was keeping as a souvenir. I got a key ring too. The key ring is for Snow Patrol, the glass is for the Beacon Theatre. If you are on Facebook and are my friend you can see the pictures. If not, hopefully by the time I post this the pictures will be in my slideshow. Or you can send me a friend request on FB.

Once we got to Manhattan, after checking into the hotel and getting a cab to the subway. Things got a little better. We walked up Broadway, somehow ended up on Amsterdam, found this little restaurant for dinner. Then the show, where I got asked for my I.D. for getting a glass of bourbon because the little girl serving didn’t think I looked over 30!

Tigger mentioned how ‘gay’ the lead singer was, that’s not the complete story, but I will talk more about that later. I am going to try to get up early tomorrow so I can blog some more. I am 4 blog posts behind my quota!

>Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

>Saw this with Gwen. Night before Snow Patrol concert. Probably not the best idea since I didn’t have my clothes packed yet. HA

We saw it in 3D. I love 3D, this was the first time I saw 3D in the theater. It was so cool.

>Having a GOOD time!

>So here I am at the legendary Beacon Theatre with Tigger and Em to see Snow Patrol, up until we got to Manhattan my day pretty much sucked.

Then as we were standing on the street corner and Em couldn’t see the theatre that was at Broadway and 73rd, I looked at the street sign, ‘Amsterdam’. So we walked one block over and here we are. I got a drink and the little girl asked to see my ID. So I can still pass for 29.

My seat is in the very top row, there are two ways to look at this. You could say, ‘this sucks! I can’t see anything!’ Or you could stand and shout ‘I’m on top of the world!’ just don’t do that to many times in a crowded theatre.

Published: September 21, 2009

ANAHEIM, Calif. — There are many things Mark Teixeira can do on a baseball field, many virtues that enticed the Yankees to pry him from the Los Angeles Angels last December with an eight-year, $180 million contract. But one attribute stands out to him most.

It is nothing as subtle as scooping bad throws at first base or wearing down a pitcher with walks. It is the least subtle skill of all. Teixeira loves to hit home runs.

“You can try to hit for as high an average as you want,” Teixeira said. “You can try to work walks. But at the end of the day, if you can hit home runs, you want to hit home runs. That’s something not many people can do.”

Teixeira knows from experience the value of power. He hit .467 for the Angels in their division series last fall, but all of his hits were singles. The Angels lost in four games to the Red Sox, hitting no home runs in their three losses.

The Yankees, in theory, will not have the same problem this October. They lead the majors in home runs, and Teixeira has led the way.

He entered Monday’s game against the Angels with 37 homers, two ahead of Boston’s Jason Bay and two behind Tampa Bay’s Carlos Pena for the American League lead. The number above him will not change; Pena broke two fingers when C. C. Sabathia hit them with a pitch on Sept. 7, and he is out for the season.

Besides ranking second in homers, Teixeira leads the league in runs batted in (118), total bases (326) and extra-base hits (82). He came into the Yankees’ series against the Angels on a tear, with 16 hits in his previous 33 at-bats to raise his average to .292.

His all-around contributions to the Yankees, who have the majors’ best record (95-55 through Sunday), would make Teixeira a strong candidate for the Most Valuable Player award in most seasons. Predictably, his teammates endorse him.

“Just the runs he saves on defense, making every play over there at first base, just that alone deserves votes for M.V.P.,” Sabathia said Saturday in Seattle. “You look at all he does on defense, never mind the 37 homers and leading the league in R.B.I.”

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, 31 players have led their league in homers, runs batted in, total bases and extra-base hits since the modern M.V.P. was first presented in 1931. Nineteen of those players have won the award, most recently Ken Griffey Jr. of theSeattle Mariners in 1997.

The reality, though, is Teixeira has almost no chance of winning. Minnesota Twinscatcher Joe Mauer leads the league in batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage, while playing a position with fewer elite hitters. With Mauer’s team back in contention, there is no weakness in his candidacy.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about it,” Mauer said Sunday. “But it’s not something I try to pay too much attention to. I’m more concerned about winning ballgames and getting back to the postseason.”

Teixeira may not win the M.V.P., but he has done everything the Yankees wanted when they signed him last winter after splurging on Sabathia and A. J. Burnett. While Burnett has had an uneven season, Teixeira and Sabathia have delivered.

“We’re extremely pleased with what those guys have done this year,” Manager Joe Girardisaid. “They’ve basically had the years we knew that they were capable of having. Their years are pretty normal. C. C.’s got a chance to win 20, Tex has got a chance to win the M.V.P., a chance to drive in maybe 125, 130 runs. These guys have done everything we could have expected.”

Like his teammate Derek Jeter, another player who could finish near the top of many ballots, Teixeira said he was especially proud of his consistency. His batting average, on-base percentage (.383) and slugging percentage (.571) are close to his career averages of .290, .378 and .545.

“For me it’s just being consistent,” Teixeira said. “That’s what I’ve been proudest of in my career; I’ve been consistent. You look at my career averages, and I’m a little bit above or a little bit below in every category every year of my career. Yeah, fluctuations happen. But I came in here with the same mind-set that I’ve had every single year and had the same kind of season.”

His career high in home runs is 43, set with the Texas Rangers in 2005, when he ranked fourth in the league behind three players who have been connected to steroid use: David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez.

There are no active players ahead of him now, but Teixeira would be happiest if his homers made a difference in the playoffs. Winning his first home run title is not a priority.

“It’s way down the list,” Teixeira said.

Pat Borzi contributed reporting from Minneapolis.

~The New York Times~