>It may appear to the casual observer that I am back to the present.

What has happened however is that on the drive to the train station this morning, I remembered details of my drive to the train station Friday when Gwen and I went down to the city. Like how I went to Allsport and then stopped to get a diet Pepsi when I really didn’t have enough time to. When I got home I threw my makeup in my purse and we left with just enough time to get there, then got stuck at the light because of a school bus. I was ready to scream. We made it in time to buy a ticket before the train pulled in.

Then I started to wonder are these details that would make the story more interesting, or minutia that drives away readers? Since this blog publishes to my Facebook wall, my count on sitemeter has gone down, but that doesn’t necessarily mean my readership has gone down. I know people are reading on Facebook because they are commenting.

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