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>I mentioned on Facebook that I had completely forgotten something I wanted to write. Of course as soon as I shut down my computer I remembered. Then I decided it would a better blog post then Facebook update.

The contacts I am referring to above are the kind you put in your eyes. I have done some pretty dumb things with mine. Once I fell asleep with them in all night. I was mad the next day ’cause then I had to wear my glasses all day. The most common thing I do is rub my eyes. This moves the contact around in my eye and wrinkles up the contact and can damage them.

Last night I did something beyond that, I started to take my eye makeup off without first taking out my contacts. I realized what I had done when my eye started burning. I washed my hand but I couldn’t get the contact out. I took the other one out. I couldn’t see the contact in my eye, but I also couldn’t find it on my clothes or on the floor so I was pretty sure it was still in my eye, I did eventually find it folded up in the corner of my eye.

Moral of the story, make sure you take out your contacts first!


>The New York Times
Wed, September 09, 2009 — 9:27 PM ET

Jeter Ties Gehrig’s Record as Yankees Hits Leader

Derek Jeter has tied the Yankees record for hits held by Lou Gehrig. Jeter singled in the seventh inning for his third hit Wednesday night against Tampa Bay, matching Gehrig with 2,721 hits in a Yankees uniform.

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