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>The New York Times
Sun, September 20, 2009 — 11:03 PM ET

‘Mad Men’ and ’30 Rock’ Win Again at Emmys

“Mad Men,” the AMC series, repeated as best drama at the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, while NBC’s “30 Rock” won a third straight award for best comedy.

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>I am caught up. Today was a recovery day. I didn’t mention that sometime this week, after Tigger sent me several requests, and made a few in person, I gave them my Sims game. Then I went to Target to buy Sims2. I have played it a few times, but the family I made, which is actually just a couple, seems to have bug in it. I have gotten them to the point were they are sleeping in the same bed, but then I can’t get them to wake up! Even when everything gets totally red, they don’t die, the game just keeps running! They don’t show up in the family panel so I can’t delete them. I hope I don’t have to un-install then install again.

I was the only one who went to church, the rest of the day was spent on Facebook and other computer things. Fred asked me if I had fixed the problem with my family. I said I haven’t even been on it at all today. Maybe tomorrow night, except I have to dye my roots tomorrow because Tuesday is the concert.

>Em had an appointment to get HER nails done. So we were up early to catch the train. I took her to Modell’s to see a shirt I had seen the night before when I stopped there with Gwen. It is for Jeter breaking Lou Gehrig’s record and had his picture on it. I didn’t get it, cause as much as I like Jeter, I don’t really want to walk around with his face on my chest. Em agreed that was kind of over the top and creepy. Em did get a backpack with the Yankee logo on it. We went to the music store, where they STILL do not have Rob Thomas’ latest songbook. Then to the Yankee store, where Em bought me two (yes, not one but 2) postcards of Derek Jeter. I would post them, but I am starting to get the feeling that people are getting tired of my obsession with Jeter. Then Em went to get her nails done and I walked around.

The other thing she had planned to do yesterday we couldn’t because a piece of jewelry wasn’t in. So we went to Central Park, neither of us was feeling very well so we made a short day of it.

>And so on Friday

>I drove Stitch and Gwen up to DCC. Early, but I got to go home and lie back down, NICE! Gwen sent me a text saying I could pick them up at noon. There had been discussion on the way up, she had to borrow some equipment and didn’t know when it would be ready. Stitch’s late class had been cancelled.

The next message was that I could pick them up at any time because all of Stitch’s classes were cancelled! So I had to get up and go up to get them. Since it was early and Stitch was eating I got hungry so we stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch. I mentioned that I wanted to go work out before I went to get my nails done. The only disadvantage of not going to work was I now had to make an extra trip to Manhattan, the girl who does my nails is not in on Saturday. Gwen got this look on her face, she asked me if she could come with me. So then I had a companion for the long trip down and back. Also nice.

After getting my nails done we stopped at Starbucks, then when we got to GCT I was still hungry so I got a sandwich and Gwen got watermelon at Dishes. I dropped half my sandwich on the floor. Pfft! Clumsy me.

>On my way home from work, I started to get a sore throat. It was sore enough that I left church early. I decided to call in sick Thursday. Stitch was not happy when I told him I would need my car, D told him he could take the van to DCC, but Stitch hadn’t gotten around to getting a sticker to park the van at the college. That’s when Gwen suggested he park in visitors. After all, she said, there are people who come visit for the entire day.

Thursday it was raining so Em called me to ask if I could bring her lunch and give Tigger a ride home. I did it, even though I was feeling miserable, (the sore throat developing into a cold) because after all, I needed lunch too.

I can’t remember if I accomplished anything else Thursday. After all it is Sunday now and I forget. I did wash my new shirt so I could wear it Saturday.

>I can’t believe I did this

>Wednesday I got up to get ready for work as per usual. Stitch was up to take me to the train, like always. Of course he has me drive, for some reason he doesn’t like driving first thing in the AM. I pulled out of the driveway and there was something in the road across the street, so I squinted to see what it was, it was then I realized I didn’t have my contacts in. Of course there was no time to go back and get them, so I just didn’t say anything (why freak the poor boy out?) and just drove to the train station.

I have no idea how many people I may have snubbed cause I couldn’t recognize them and so didn’t say ‘Hello’. I did put them in before I went to church. Then as I was looking up at someone giving a demonstration, and could see their face clearly, for some reason I was amazed at the clarity!