>Em had an appointment to get HER nails done. So we were up early to catch the train. I took her to Modell’s to see a shirt I had seen the night before when I stopped there with Gwen. It is for Jeter breaking Lou Gehrig’s record and had his picture on it. I didn’t get it, cause as much as I like Jeter, I don’t really want to walk around with his face on my chest. Em agreed that was kind of over the top and creepy. Em did get a backpack with the Yankee logo on it. We went to the music store, where they STILL do not have Rob Thomas’ latest songbook. Then to the Yankee store, where Em bought me two (yes, not one but 2) postcards of Derek Jeter. I would post them, but I am starting to get the feeling that people are getting tired of my obsession with Jeter. Then Em went to get her nails done and I walked around.

The other thing she had planned to do yesterday we couldn’t because a piece of jewelry wasn’t in. So we went to Central Park, neither of us was feeling very well so we made a short day of it.