>Em and I are going to the last regular season game at Yankee Stadium. There is a chance that our guys (Jeter and Teixeira) won’t be playing, but they still might be there. I am excited but also worried. I downloaded the tickets but I took them out of purse so I wouldn’t lose them. So now I am afraid I might forget to put them back in my purse tonight. Now that I have written about it, I most likely won’t. Of course if I forget them, I WILL be coming home to get them! Em also told me to bring my magazine, just in case. I also have to remember to print the e-mail about the fan club so I get 10% discount if we buy anything.

As much as I want to see the main players, I understand why they might not, and I think it is a good reason. I still want to go, after all, its still the Yankees.