>As I mentioned before, Tuesday we went to the Snow Patrol concert at the Beacon Theatre, it is really beautiful inside. Very ornate. It was a great show. The day leading up to it was not so great, including but not limited to a two mile walk from the subway to the hotel, in Queens!

Here is my ticket for Snow Patrol. It was an amazing concert. My seat was in the very top row, kind of in the corner. I wasn’t real happy with it, I was a little bit, “It’s too far up!”, until I realized that being in the last row meant I could stand and dance and not disturb anyone behind me. And being in the corner meant there was a place to put my purse and glass that I had my Makers Mark in that I was keeping as a souvenir. I got a key ring too. The key ring is for Snow Patrol, the glass is for the Beacon Theatre. If you are on Facebook and are my friend you can see the pictures. If not, hopefully by the time I post this the pictures will be in my slideshow. Or you can send me a friend request on FB.

Once we got to Manhattan, after checking into the hotel and getting a cab to the subway. Things got a little better. We walked up Broadway, somehow ended up on Amsterdam, found this little restaurant for dinner. Then the show, where I got asked for my I.D. for getting a glass of bourbon because the little girl serving didn’t think I looked over 30!

Tigger mentioned how ‘gay’ the lead singer was, that’s not the complete story, but I will talk more about that later. I am going to try to get up early tomorrow so I can blog some more. I am 4 blog posts behind my quota!