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>Wouldn’t you know

>that as soon as I sent that e-mail post I would remember what I had wanted to say. So here goes, this morning I saw a weird thing at GCT.

There was this man with either a design shaved into his hair or a tattoo on the back of his head, and it was a skull! So he had eyes and nose and creepy teeth looking at you while he walked away from you.
I was trying to find a skull picture to post here, but they were all too creepy, well there was this really cool purple one, but I wasn’t able to copy it.

>blog anymore about the Yankees. As soon as they win the World Series that is. And I won’t post any more about them until baseball season starts again. This is not a sports blog! Here is a link to a post game interview clip. I am posting the link instead of embedding the video because I know not everyone is interested. But for those who are: YouTube.

I stayed home last night, my cold feels like it is becoming a sinus infection, and I watched the game. Well, I sort of watched the game. I had it on while I was watching Wolverine. I liked it o.k., not as much as the kids I think. Boston plays tonight against the Angels in Los Angeles. I had more to say, not about baseball, but now I can’t remember.