>Yes really, cause it means it will be OVER soon. I hate Halloween. Even so it was an O.K. day. Went to Allsport with Em, did the elliptical and weights. Then she and D went out to lunch. I was bored and wanted to go out, I also wanted lunch. Tigger mentioned candy corn, and so off we went, stopped to eat and I got a lemonade, which I managed to spill all over my jacket. It seems every time I wear that jacket I get something on it.

Then we went to Target where I had the second disappointment of the day. No regular candy corn, they had the ‘harvest’ candy corn and ‘caramel’ candy corn. So Tigger picked up some Hot Tamales and I got some milk duds. While leaving Target, Tigger turned to me and said, “Halloween has changed, it is no longer about trying to get free candy, now it is, how much like a whore can a pre-teen girl look?” He went on to say he just a girl, couldn’t have been more then 10 with a skirt just covering her butt.

Since I had already planned to go to the laundromat, the lemonade on the jacket was no big deal. I got Gwen to go with me, washed the jacket and my whites and put them in the dryer, and the jacket wouldn’t dry. When I got home my clothes from the other are also still not dry. The de-humidifier is gone, so I have a fan set up, hopefully it will help them dry so I can wear something Monday.