earscloseup090926last night when I was getting ready to come upstairs for Em’s party, I caught my nail on my earring and pulled it out of my ear. I didn’t realize it at first, just knew I had caught the earring and my ear HURT! When I touched my ear, I realized the earring was gone and then I heard it hit the plastic in my trash can (which was in the middle in my room because of my cold{I found the earring later}). So I got my wee tiny gold hoops to put in instead, and I almost couldn’t get the earring in my left ear. After much trying and blotting up the blood I finally got it in and, well, it wasn’t good since my ears were bleeding and hurting. In fact I didn’t really sleep too good.

This morning however, I was feeling O.K. so I went with Em to the city. It rained, we (I) got soaked. Em had her nail appointment. She was looking for a dress for Ron’s wedding and she had the address for Coldwater Creek, so went up there, making a few stops along the way, they were having a sale so she ended up getting the dress, a top and pair of pants for the original price of the dress.

So after Em got her nails done we were just walking around, it had stopped raining and was kind of nice, we wanted to get dinner. Neither of us felt like Annie Moore’s so we just walked down 42nd Street until we found a place that looked good. We found Calico Jack’s Cantina. Em got a Cajun Ceaser Salad and I got a Bourban Street Burrito. Mine was really good but much too big for me. I still ordered dessert, Key Lime Mousse. The food was good and served fast and our server was attentive. Em made a note of it as a place we will be going back to.

Ball game was starting when we got home, I wish the Yanks could figure out how to beat Tampa Bay.