>today, just cleaning. Yesterday was a total bust, Tigger bailed on me going to the city. He insisted all day that he was too sick to go. Bah!

The fight is still going on. I keep saying he just didn’t want to go with me ’cause I said we weren’t going to do any shopping. He insists that he would have been perfectly happy just taking pictures.

This morning Gwen and I were talking about blogs, she hasn’t done much on her’s lately, she wants me to help her, by telling her what she should write about! I can’t do that, its her blog. Anyway, then Tigger decided he wanted to make his own blog, Stitch suggested the title Ramblings of a nutcase which of course he liked and is using. Then after saying he probably wouldn’t post anything beyond the first post, he has posted 3 of his stories. Gwen of course went on her blog The continuing journey of the Voyager Princess to tell everyone about it. Then I posted my own little comment.

If you have a moment, you should really check them out.