Today is my Blogoversary and as promised, there is cake.

I started blogging 3 years ago today. I can’t really say I started this blog 3 years ago since it had a different name and sign in and everything. After a while things got too complicated so I started a new blog. Then I tried to make my blog 3 columns and ended up not being able to post new entries. So I started this blog and discovered that I could import my posts from the other blogs. So I did that and this blog has all my posts from the very beginning.

I also decided that I needed a separate blog for my book reviews (since people were sending me books for review, except I haven’t done any in a while, I am getting back to it though, now that November is almost gone) and for my crafts, except I haven’t done any in a while. Something else to get back to.

Anyway, its been a fun ride and a learning experience and I couldn’t have done it without you. So thanks to all my readers, there will be more fun to come, I have lots more to say!