>Em and I went down early. Wanted to get breakfast at Pershing Square before Em’s nail appointment. We were a little disappointed with the service. All the times we have gone there this is the first time the service wasn’t great. What was most annoying was his other customers were getting great service.

I told Em, I needed more pictures of Central Park for my Facebook albums. So of course I forgot to take my camera with me. And of course I saw some very cute things that I really would have liked to take pictures of. Since I just had my phone, all I got pictures of were of me with my new lipstick. Which I got a Sephora, along with eyeliner and mascara (kind of a blue green color, which I haven’t worn yet, hence no pictures) and some hand cream and um something else I think, maybe not. Anyway, the lipstick is dark and purple-ish and I really like it.

Some pretty lights.
And this rather lame picture of Central Park after dark. It looked really cool in actuality.

And since I didn’t have my camera, which has a setting for night pictures, which my cell phone doesn’t have, I missed the coolest shot ever, which will probably never happen again. We were walking past the duck pond, and some ducks were swimming around and Em was telling them it was time for them to go home, I was telling her that they were home when she gasps, and I looked over where she was looking . . . and this raccoon was sticking his cute little head up from behind some rocks! He was close enough we could see his face clearly and there was a lamp post right there so the light was shining right on him. It was so very cool. And I missed it, the shot of a lifetime.