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Warm hands

I was visiting the blogs on my blogroll and came across a post titled “warm heart makes warm hands” on Out and About in New York City. As I looked at the picture I thought, those look very familiar, …

I started digging around in my winter stuff stash and ta da! Mine sadly are not wool, I am allergic to wool. I am also consumed with envy because mine are not as pretty and after sitting in a bag they smell like dust. I sniffed them too many times and sneezed several times. Now, if I could only remember where I put the directions …


>I got a request for some ‘clues’ on my contest. Here goes:

The jar is a Sunfresh “Fruit Made Easy” jar.

It is 6″ tall and 3-¼” in diameter.

I don’t know how many ounces it held, that was on the label and as you can tell, I removed the label.

Now for the prize. I realize this picture is not great quality, my camera is not designed for this type of photography. The ear wires are silver as are the chains, the beads are glass. They are about 2-¼” long. Not very fancy, just pretty little ear bobs. Hand made by me.

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