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>Collecting pennies

>My friends will tell you I am a tad compulsive. They are being kind, I am extremely compulsive. I have promised my friend Mickie a post for her, but I have other things to blog about so she will have to wait, really, I can’t help it.

When I put my change in jars, I sort it. One jar for pennies, one for quarters and one for the rest. I recently ran out room for the pennies. Can you guess how many pennies in the jar? Come on PLEASE?

Oh you want a prize if you guess it, hmmm. O.K. How about a pair of silver and glass bead earrings? Contest open only to United States residents due to cost of international postage. Post your guesses!

For additional details and picture of the earrings, click here.


>Those of you who have been around for a while know I have more then just this blog.

Last night I was on my book blog Bella is reading … posting my latest review. I don’t go on that blog every day, just to post reviews and other book related news. My reading is way down this year. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my followers and saw that I have 50 followers on that blog!

Came back here to see I have 31! Wow! People are reading my blogs! I better shape up and watch my mouth!

Back to my life, I have been taking it pretty easy these past few days. Getting up when I want, doing pretty much whatever I feel like. Tomorrow it ends, back to work for a couple days, then off again. This week coming up is a three day work week. Nice huh?