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>Postcard Friday #49

>In all the excitement of finding my ring and going to see Rob Thomas tonight, I almost forgot about Postcard Friday!

My parents live in Washington State, when I visit them I buy postcards to bring home, you know it saves all that time, driving out to see something, then not seeing anything because it rains all the time meaning there are rainclouds everywhere and you can’t see anything!

The back of the card says:
This view is from Storm King Mountain.
I find that insanely funny because there is a Storm King Mountain here in New York, right across the river from me. It is a lovely 14º Fahrenheit here (-10ºC), I wonder what the temperature is at that Storm King Mountain?

For more postcard fun, visit postmistress Marie Reed


>Lost & found

>On December 10 I lost a silver ring and an earring. I know the date because I posted it on Facebook. The ring is pictured at left, which probably tells you how the story ends, but bear with me it is kind of interesting.

December 11th I was in Time Square at the AT&T store to meet Joe Girardi. I didn’t bring anything to sign, I didn’t know I was supposed to and no one knew if there would be anything provided to sign. I had my Yankee backpack, I started to empty it so Joe could sign it. In the very bottom I found another silver ring I had lost. This ring is a pinky ring and has two hearts joined together. I stopped wearing it cause it is too big for my pinky even though I bought the smallest size (Bella the tiny handed princess). I thought, “December is turning out to be a good month, I meet Joe Girardi, I am going to see Rob Thomas and I find my ring.”

Yesterday the month got better. See my gloves? Don’t worry all you moms out there, the glove has a little mitt that covers my fingers. I was going to lunch and decided to wear them since it was cold and I was going to be carrying something and wouldn’t be able to put my hands in my pocket. As I put the right one on, I noticed something silver pop out of the finger, I searched around my cubicle, didn’t find anything. Then I looked in the bag I had just taken the gloves out of and ….. there in the bottom was my ring! Yes the ring pictured above. I was so happy, I love that ring. Still haven’t found the gold earring.

>Concert today

>Ugg, what a morning, woke up with a headache and stomach ache (probably from the wheat toast I had last night, dummy) my eye feels like it has something in it, there was cat puke in front of the bathroom door (just what you want to see when you have to pee) and worst of all, I had a dream that I washed my hair and all the color washed out because the stylist had used the wrong stuff. I had gray hair! As Em says, that is a nightmare.

Yesterday evening I kept thinking I needed something at Target but couldn’t remember, until after I had my bath and it was too late to go up. This morning I have no car since I am being nice and let Stitch take it so he wouldn’t have to drive Em’s van. So I am sitting here cold and needing to go to the bathroom (again!) and telling myself to get out of bed and get some breakfast!

Tonight is the concert. I have my ticket in my purse, need to put my GPS in my purse also, need to put my earrings in so I don’t forget them too. So much to do and only 4 hours to do it.