>On December 10 I lost a silver ring and an earring. I know the date because I posted it on Facebook. The ring is pictured at left, which probably tells you how the story ends, but bear with me it is kind of interesting.

December 11th I was in Time Square at the AT&T store to meet Joe Girardi. I didn’t bring anything to sign, I didn’t know I was supposed to and no one knew if there would be anything provided to sign. I had my Yankee backpack, I started to empty it so Joe could sign it. In the very bottom I found another silver ring I had lost. This ring is a pinky ring and has two hearts joined together. I stopped wearing it cause it is too big for my pinky even though I bought the smallest size (Bella the tiny handed princess). I thought, “December is turning out to be a good month, I meet Joe Girardi, I am going to see Rob Thomas and I find my ring.”

Yesterday the month got better. See my gloves? Don’t worry all you moms out there, the glove has a little mitt that covers my fingers. I was going to lunch and decided to wear them since it was cold and I was going to be carrying something and wouldn’t be able to put my hands in my pocket. As I put the right one on, I noticed something silver pop out of the finger, I searched around my cubicle, didn’t find anything. Then I looked in the bag I had just taken the gloves out of and ….. there in the bottom was my ring! Yes the ring pictured above. I was so happy, I love that ring. Still haven’t found the gold earring.