I am starting this post with some advice, don’t ever break a bone before a holiday or on a Friday (I actually recommend you don’t break a bone at all, but if you’re going to insist on doing it, follow the above advice). The urgent care put a splint on it, he was to go to a orthopedist for a cast today. Well, D couldn’t get one to return his call, so he called the pediatrician who told him to go to the hospital ER to get it done. Well, they put a temporary cast on it and Monday Em has to take him to the orthopedist for another x-ray and cast. Poor kid.

The worst thing though? Em had told him that after spring break he could start riding his bike to school. Well, now he can’t.

On to the massage, when I made the appointment, they asked if I wanted a female, since I never had a massage before I didn’t know what to expect and so I didn’t know it would make a difference whether or not I had a male or female. So I said it didn’t matter. Ron gave me my massage, he said to let him know if he was pressing too hard, since it was my first massage. When he first started he pushed real hard on my lower back and I thought I was going to pass out from not being able to breathe, I was just about to shout, “Stop I can’t breathe!” When he let up, so I guess he knows what he’s doing. He also asked me if I was just there for a massage or if there was anything else, so I told him about my injured shoulder, and I noticed he did things with that shoulder he didn’t do with the other, so it ended up a little sore, but better in the long run. In fact right now, I can almost lift my arm straight up. He didn’t do much of a head massage, probably cause I have all this hair. Note to self: before getting another massage. Shave head.

After we showered and Em went in the steam room. I didn’t because I was getting a headache. We walked across Central Park to Cafe Frida for lunch, where I proceeded to make a total mess of myself with my burrito. I thought I could pick it up and eat it, and in doing so I got sauce all over the place and on my pants. Then we walked up to the Crocs store so I could get the sandals I saw the last time we were there. It was there that I realized I didn’t have my debit card with me. Em gave me the cash for the Crocs and I was then racking my brain trying to figure out what could have happened to it. My only thought was, since the last time I had used it was at the gas station, and I normally put my card in my pocket after I swipe it at the pump and it wasn’t in my pocket now, was I had taken it out of my pocket at home and left it on my bed. I called Gwen and she looked, but couldn’t find it. I wasn’t too worried, since I hadn’t gone anywhere after the gas station so I was pretty sure I hadn’t left it anywhere (I found it on my bed when I got home).

We stopped at several stores on the way back to GCT, Em was looking for a bathing suit for Puerto Rico, but didn’t find one. We also stopped at a Chase bank to see how much was in my Chase account since I did have that card with me. We also looked for a place where we could get Fred an NYPD hat since he can’t wear his shirt right now (can’t get it on over his cast). Em didn’t find a suit and we couldn’t find a hat. So she got him an i-Tunes card so he could get stuff for his i-Touch and she also got chocolate mousse cheese cake from Junior’s.

When we got to the train station at home, since I drove, so D could have Em’s van to take Fred where he needed to be taken, I asked her if she wanted to go home, she said, “No I want to go to Macy’s to get a bathing suit!” She ended up getting one at Penney’s and I found this really adorable sun dress on sale, and the cashier scanned this coupon for an extra 20% off.

At home Em gave Fred his i-Tunes card and as she was apologizing for not finding something authentically NY he said, “Its an authentic NYC i-Tunes card.”