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I put a book in a bag to bring to work to read & what am i doing? Sending e-mails to my blog, why you ask?, because it is more fun! I have an idea about something to do with this i will get back to you. The book i brought is No Regrets by Ann Rule. I am going to start reading now.

I was going to stop at the park to do this but it looks like rain so i decided to stop at the coffee shop. I do have to go soon because I need to pee and get back to work. Someday I need to fill in the blanks from our nightmare flight home but can’t right now, so I will say ttfn and bbl

It just started raining as i walked across the parking lot
>^. .^<

Today’s the day

Leaving soon, have to shower, I am just washing my blankets right now. I wish D would leave so I could shower. I need to print my itinerary and get the address for shopping. I have to go, if I can, I will be back today, I will try to send an e-mail from Atlanta when we change planes.

It is now 1:02 am New York time on Wednesday, here it is only 10:02 p.m. I am just making a quick post because I really need to go to bed. I thought I saw a sign at Newburgh that said free Wi-Fi but when I turned on my computer it said I had to pay $7. In Atlanta we didn’t have time for me to even sit with having to walk to the gate and getting some lunch and getting food for the next flight etc.

It was raining when we got here, on the way to my parents it rained, stopped, rained some more. I told my parents I wanted to go to Mount Baker but there is still too much snow. Well, we will find something else to do I am sure. I have to go now.

Herman has gone too far

Cold, gray damp morning has changed to raining buckets. I was going to the deli but changed my mind and came to the diner, it wasn’t just the rain but the wind was blowing like crazy. Huh, now the sun is shining. Go figure.

Finished Playing with Fire on the way home from work. I am going to try to write a review but not right now. I am just going to insert the picture and then go do some errands. I had to restrict the viewing of this blog. I was so mad this morning I almost cursed at H. I am going now to make my previous posts visible since he won’t be able to see them anymore. I hope.

Yes so now only people I invite can view this blog, that means the ladies on BTF that have been reading it can no longer do so. Well, I got an AOL e-mail address and created a Google account with that and they can use that if they want to.

Playing with Fire starts with an arson, two people died. It turns into a murder investigation when it is discovered that one of the victims was drugged with a date-rape drug. The other victim was unintended. Then there is another fire, also murder. There is also follow up with the boyfriend of the other victim, investigation into allegations of abuse, Peter Robinson does a good job of continuing the two story lines in a logical manner. The characters are not cookie cutter and are very believable. He must do an incredible amount of research. I also like that each novel in the series feels like a stand-alone. He does not do the same plot, same ending, different guest stars with each book in the series.

I was listing some books on Amazon to sell. Tigger brought down a whole stack of books, “We never read these, can we sell them?” Then he realized that with the shipping credit Amazon gives, you get more money than you ask for, so he tried to get me to sell a quarter for 15 cents. He is a total nut case. I am not a meanie, I speak the truth.

It is raining like crazy here. 9D is flooded so if we want to go to the mall we have to drive up Route 9. Tigger asked me if I have sold anything yet. Then he told me he was making pancakes. Very cool I told him. He agreed. Someday, I have to take a good picture of Abby.