Leaving soon, have to shower, I am just washing my blankets right now. I wish D would leave so I could shower. I need to print my itinerary and get the address for shopping. I have to go, if I can, I will be back today, I will try to send an e-mail from Atlanta when we change planes.

It is now 1:02 am New York time on Wednesday, here it is only 10:02 p.m. I am just making a quick post because I really need to go to bed. I thought I saw a sign at Newburgh that said free Wi-Fi but when I turned on my computer it said I had to pay $7. In Atlanta we didn’t have time for me to even sit with having to walk to the gate and getting some lunch and getting food for the next flight etc.

It was raining when we got here, on the way to my parents it rained, stopped, rained some more. I told my parents I wanted to go to Mount Baker but there is still too much snow. Well, we will find something else to do I am sure. I have to go now.